Tucker Carlson for October 5th, 2022

Just to play Devil’s Advocate here, (a position that was an honoured one in the Vatican back in the day to make sure the Holy See was getting a fair representation from both sides before deciding on things like Canonization etc.) pretty much everyone makes a ‘gambit’ in their lives and usually very often.

A “Gambit” is a chess term for sacrificing a valuable piece on the board for a greater strategic position, or possibly to place the enemy king in Checkmate. As I understand it, the Nordstream II was not actually pumping anything into Europe. It was not active. So blowing it up actually costed the Russians nothing in terms of revenue. They also may see global public perception of the event, as well represented by Tucker Carlson and many others, as being worth the cost of whatever repairs they may have to do. There could also be other benefits I, we are not aware of yet.

Frankly, this site has no clue who did it, although the initial feeling was the US for all the same reasons Tucker details. But we all make gambits in our personal lives, business and so on quite frequently. In war, it’s a staple. So to say Russia would never have done this is not thinking clearly. To say the evidence points to the USA at this time is fair and so far not refuted with evidence.

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    • Nothing to agree with. I am not saying I believe Russia did it. Only that people who say Russia could never do that, aren’t thinking clearly. It is a possibility.

      The United States routinely does similarish things. Like when they gave a green light for Saddam to take the Kuwaiti oil fields after he caught them drilling diagonally under the Iraqi border, then made it a casus belli for two wars against Iraq.

      The narrative had to do with babies being thrown out of incubators by Iraqi soldiers.

      Because we all know Saddam wants more baby incubators for premies more than anything else. So he sent his soldiers into Kuwait to go and get more incubators for premature Iraqi babies. Yeah. Thats what kind of a guy Saddam was.

      Ok then.

      • The clincher for me was the Polish PM or President who sent out a tweet shortly after: “Thank you, America”.

        Afterward, he expressed a desire to join NATO. Later, it was reinterpreted as a symbolic wish.

        The guy felt he was owed a favor, in my opinion. If someone knows what is happening in that area, it’s him.

    • I have a file with articles by Mr. Nyquist going back to 10/19/2000. I look back and I’m appalled.

      Despite the availability of extensive Soviet archives, he shows no evidence of primary source research. His references are limited to a select set of dissidents living in exile in the West. Career spooks seduce a freeze-dried cold warrior.

      No interest in the real life of people who live in Russia today, or even the community of Americans born in the Soviet Union. Their experiences, their addiction to Russian-language media, perceptions that vary immensely, all valid.

      Nothing to dislodge that idée fixe: Russia is still the Soviet Union and Putin is Stalin/Hitler.

      Russian-Ukrainians don’t exist for him. My Russki goes to their local church every Sunday to exchange news and for mutual support, but Mr. Nyquist refuses to acknowledge their legitimacy. Like Nuland, the Kagans, Anne Applebaum: a pack of neocon/neo-liberals, deep state tools.

      I suspect Russophobia presenting as anti-communism. Like antisemitism presenting as rabid hatred of Israel, the nation-state of the Jewish people.

      It’s a fluid thing. Think Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Russophobe to the marrow AND a Communist. Ugly.

  1. Past Gambits & Who Benefits?

    Crazy Chernobyl Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Think
    by Tom Miller – September 12, 2019


    Another popular theory is that the KGB was heavily involved. To monopolize Europe’s energy market they supposedly sabotaged Chernobyl’s Reactor 4 themselves to put off other countries from building nuclear power plants.[6]Europe’s sources of energy are few and far between so they believed by successfully deterring other countries, they would make Western and Central Europe completely dependent on Soviet oil and gas energy. Has it worked? Twenty years on, the Soviet Union has dissolved, eg-KGB spy Vladimir Putin rules and Russia seemingly has Europe’s power supply in an iron vice. The German-Russian gas pipeline, built in 2011, is further evidence that Europe’s reliance on Russian energy does not look like stopping any time soon.

    Chilling conspiracy theory behind Putin’s rise to power
    news.com.au – September 14, 2019

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