Bidens “compromised”, NZ’s communist leader, Trans-scam and pedos and more: Links 1, October 4th, 2022

1. “He’s Compromised”: Rep. Comer Drops Big News about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden Investigation

Voting for the GOP can be painful, well, generally is quite painful, because they rarely wield power once they get it. After being voted into office, Republicans starting with Eisenhower have refused to demolish the vast, far-left administrative state the Democrats have built up and instead just fiddle around with tax cuts and boosting military spending while the country drifts to the left.

Their doing so was particularly egregious in 2016-18, when they held the presidency and both houses of the legislature yet refused to do anything with it other than a tax cut that mainly helped the mostly woke corporations.

But, in what’s probably shocking or startling news, it’s looking increasingly likely that the GOP might actually do something about the Hunter Biden problem if they retake power.

Such is what Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, the guy who will likely become chairman of the House oversight panel if the GOP retakes power in the House this November, hinted at during an interview with Time Magazine, saying that the GOP has been hard at work digging up evidence of what Hunter has done. In his words:

“We’re not investigating Hunter Biden for political reasons. We’re investigating Hunter Biden because we believe he’s a national security threat, who we fear has compromised Joe Biden. The Hunter Biden investigation is slowly becoming the Joe Biden investigation.”

2. A closer look at totalitarian NZ leader, Ardern’s speech at the UN (This is quite good. It actually gets to the point)

At 4 minutes though, we find out why something so accurate and important is tolerated on YouTube. The guy in the middle does the classic leftist tactic of claiming everyone agrees with something that is patently untrue (Consensus as an aspect of Discourse Theory) but the problem is which totalitarian and destructive method will we use to solve the fake problem. If you stop watching before 4 minutes, its excellent. Then the shoe drops. The man on the left at 5 minutes also echos the same climate lie.

3. Trustee of the transgender charity Mermaids quits after speech to paedophile aid group

A trustee of the transgender charity Mermaids resigned last night after it emerged that he had spoken at a conference hosted by an organisation that promotes services to paedophiles.

Dr Jacob Breslow was a graduate student in gender research at the London School of Economics when he gave a presentation at an event for the US-based B4U-ACT in 2011. According to its website, B4U-ACT promotes services and resources “for self-identified individuals . . . who are sexually attracted to children and desire such assistance”.

4. BPD woman conned into sex change speaks on how it ruined her life

5. World Council for Health: Excerpt of presentation by Dr. Aseem Malhotra

Thank you all for your kind attention to these issues and this site.

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