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4 Replies to “LIVE Jesse Waters: (Rewind and watch Trump’s Lawyer and before)”

  1. Democratic Hit Man Takes Aim At Trump, Top Judge Involved, Links To Epstein Case
    Jovan Hutton Pulitzer – Published August 9, 2022 – 7:54PM EDT
    Begins @ 20:44…

    The Trump Administration Is Committed Combating Human Trafficking and Protecting The Innocent
    The Trump White House Archives – Law & Justice – Issued on: October 20, 2020

  2. It doesn’t sound good to me either.
    The FBI demanding that there be no witnesses to their “activities” during their search suggests to me that they were planting listening devices and using a hunt for “documents” as a pretext to storm the home.

    Speaking of which, wouldn’t it be smooth as silk for our illustrious FBI to waltz into todays White House and bug the place top to bottom — just in case, you know, for the future.

  3. I suspect this is the kind of distraction before the big drop of proof of election fraud that True the Vote is doing this Saturday. Just like the Roe v Wade “leak” 10 minutes before the premiere of “2000 Mules” ended on the east coast.

    Both instances are sucking the air out of media coverage for crimes that control billions and trillions of dollars.

    And both parties benefit.

    • Agreed. I hadn’t thought of that connection — but it fits.

      I have to wonder if all the hype about “documents” in PDJT’s possession has something to do with the Epstein “issue.” With the DState likely compromised up to their individual eyeballs, it could be that a game of chicken is being played out.

      If you get my drift.

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