Netherlands places tracking bracelets on protestors, Nanci praises China, Viktor Orban vanguard of Western Civ: Links 1, August 9th, 2022

1. This appears to be about Dutch farmers getting an ankle tracking device attached subsequent to arrest. Not conviction, but arrest. No one should accept this as a democratic state move.

2. This will also be added to last night’s post about the organized crime raid of Donald Trump’s home

Lara Trump:

3. Steve Kirsch speaks with Dr. Lee-Meng Yan, the Chinese whistle blower from the Wuhan Lab which was one of the labs that made the SARS COV 2 virus.

4. Russia kicks off it’s biometric face-pay system. So… yeah. Here is an add for it.

(If Canada was to not use this system, it would be because you have to take your mask off for a moment for it to work. But, since the entire point of the masks is about control and not a virus, then like the rest of Covid policy, logic be damned and you can take your mask off to be identified like you can to eat peanuts on a plane)

5. Analysis: Hungary’s Viktor Orban envisions leading the West’s conservative counterrevolution

“If somebody has doubts whether progressive liberals and communists are the same, just ask us, Hungarians. We fought them both, and I can tell you: they are the same.”

What Orban has done is draw attention to that which practically no Western leader or their perception management proxies dares to talk about, which is the undeclared ideological civil war that’s raging within their civilization between liberal-globalist members of the establishment and conservative-sovereigntist populists.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban addressed this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Texas with a riveting speech aimed at inspiring them to unite with fellow conservatives across the West in leading their side’s counterrevolution against the liberal-globalists that have seized control over their civilization in recent decades.

(I met some Hungarians on the street yesterday. So refreshing. They understood what they were seeing around them in Canada and where able to communicate it well and subtly in a few sentences.)

Thank you all for your continued interest in this site’s analysis and questions around the issues of the day. And who knows. Maybe someone can explain the video below of Nanci Pelosi in a comprehensible way.


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  1. This all relates to the upcoming Primaries and his 2024 run for President. They’re trying every which way they can to neuter him. Just recently, Dick Cheney’s pathetic video to bolster his daughter in the upcoming Wyoming Republican election; she’s losing badly in the polls to Trump endorsed Hageman.

    Come November, the Dems will lose the House (Congress) and the military-industrial complex also will lose big time.

    • There’s info there was an informant. That could be anybody from a window cleaner to a knob polisher. Anything handwritten in a wastepaper basket or in a desk drawer can be used and repurposed to suit their goal. It’s truly a filthy affair.

  2. Let the FBI busy rhemselves kooking for a crime. Dan Bongino observes that the US Code and US Constitution are inconsistent. Although the Code prohibites convicted criminals, the US Const is fine with their serving as President.

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