The manufactured food crisis, who and why, and a special video on how Canadians can travel unvaxxed, and sue the people actually responsible for your suffering: Links 2, June 8th, 2022

1. The REAL agenda behind the created food crisis

(An interesting article from the off-guardian)

The created food crisis, whether real or a smoke-and-mirrors psy-op, is all about tearing down the global food system and “building back better” – a new dystopian food system built by corporate monoliths and rigidly controlled in the name of the greater good.

We’re in the early stages of a food crisis.

The press has been predicting this for years, but  up until now it always appeared to be nothing more than fearmongering, designed to worry or distract people, but the signs are there that this time, to quote Joe Biden, it “is going to be real”.

Nobody knows how bad it could get, except the people who are creating it.

Because the evidence is pretty clear, it is being deliberately & cold-bloodedly created. We’ve been documenting it for months.

We have Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine driving up the price of staple foods, wheat and sunflower oil, as well as fertiliser.

We have the sudden “bird flu outbreak” driving up the price of poultry and eggs.

The soaring price of oil is driving up the cost of food distribution.

(You really have to go over and read the whole article. This is really serious and will affect all of us in a really bad way. They also have a listen option)

2. It seems that having a tattoo that says I remember, doesn’t mean that one does. Vaccines for Monkeypox

3. CBS News busts itself for bias

(Personally I think this guy, and maybe a few others knew he was being recorded for Veritas, maybe even called for it, as their way of breaking an NDE without punishment. Not complaining, I’m glad they do it. SOME honesty and integrity needs to be injected back into our systems. But it still felt to me like this was more confession than secrets.)

4. So an Armenian in Berlin is pushing government to implement car confiscation…


5. ATTN Canadians who are looking to travel while unvaxxed, or seek to sue the state for illegal negation of rights, Please watch this video:

Thank you all for your kind and continued attention to this site. We are trying to explain events here with a model sufficient to offer predictive value, and offer potential redress and solutions. Many times we have posted a link to this essay by Maj. Stephen Coughlin. As there are lots of new users of this site, it is our pleasure to recommend it again. You can read and download it free from here. but as its long and dense, you may want to order it from his site as an actual book.

Re-Remembering the Misremembered left. The Left’s strategy and tactics to transform America.




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  1. – ITEM 1: AOC will be proud. Coming to Canada very soon, I would think. –

    “Cow and sheep burps to be taxed by New Zealand in world first”

    The draft plan to tackle greenhouse gas emissions may be hard to stomach as costs are likely to lead to higher meat prices

    Cow and sheep burps are to be taxed by New Zealand in a world-first draft plan to put a price on agricultural emissions in a bid to tackle one of the country’s biggest sources of greenhouse gases.

    The proposal would make New Zealand, a large agricultural exporter, the first country to have farmers pay for emissions from livestock, the ministry for environment said.

    New Zealand, home to 5 million people, has about 10 million cattle and 26 million sheep.

    Nearly half its total greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture, mainly methane, but agricultural emissions have previously been exempted from the country’s emissions trading scheme, drawing criticism of the government’s commitment to stop global warming.


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