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4 Replies to “Tucker Carlson for June 7th, 2022”

  1. Why is the treasury secretary talking about gun violence, and reading it from a prepared statement?

    I’m grateful that he mentioned Germany. That’s been my go to point about how “well” green energy is going for the people who have to pay through the nose.

    • Google deep ecology, you will find that the Greens end game is to reduce the worlds population by 80%. The increase in energy prices is part of their arsenal to reduce the population.

  2. The lawyer who got in trouble over expressing a mainstream opinion is just one of many who have suffered discrimination because they think we still have freedom of speech. The left has been attacking this right for decades and in many ways have been more successful their then they have been with their attacks on the Second Amendment.

    • I was hoping he would include the clip of the psychotic HR gal from Burlington (Ontario). Unfortunately, what she said is true re social media; they do look for candidate info. And those HR agencies are heavily infiltrated by the Woke.

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