So about those mRNA “vaccine” injections: Links 1, June 4th, 2022

1. URGENT: Death rates are soaring again in highly vaccinated European countries

(From Alex Berenson’s Substack)

All-cause mortality is spiking – right on schedule, three-plus months after booster mRNA shots – and mostly in the elderly, the most highly boosted group. It’s getting hard to see this as coincidence.

Only months after suffering a huge and unexplained increase in their death rates in the fall of 2021, many Western European countries are seeing a new spike.

The increase includes some Covid deaths but is not limited to them. Several countries now have death rates more than 15 percent above normal, an extremely unusual event – especially since demographers expected death rates to fall as Covid eased.

The spike last fall came a few months after near-universal Covid vaccinations. This spring’s rise comes on the heels of third-shot “booster” mRNA jabs that were far more common in Europe than the United States

2. Dr. Tess Laurie on Corona Investigative committee yesterday:

3. Also from the Committee: Carlo Maria Viganò Part 1 & 2

4. Del Bigtree video from May 16th 2022 on at that point, newly released data on vaxx injury. In particular, from J&J’s concoction.

5. From today: Newly released European statistics:

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    • This is an excellent interview that can be used as a baseline of understanding to the current state of corrupted medical affairs. Just over 1 hr.

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