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Remember the climate huxter, David Suzuki? In the 80s he used to shill for communists by claiming Western industry was going to destroy the Earth by putting out soot (Carbon) that would block out the sun and cause an ice age. He called this, ‘Nuclear Winter’. Then, once CBC buried all the video of him saying this bilge, he reappeared with the exact opposite narrative and started saying carbon from Western industry would cause ‘global warming’.

Here is he blackmailing children to send him money to save the polar bears.

The worst kind of ugly climate propaganda: David Suzuki targets kids at Christmas in the name of climate change

Here’s the popup message solicitation you get when you visit the website for the first time:


Climate change is melting the North Pole and it’s no longer safe for Santa and his Workshop. So our dear old friend is packing up the sleigh to find somewhere else to live.

You can help! Move your mouse over this website to find gifts you can buy Santa to help him set up a temporary Workshop and protect the North Pole for his return.

Of course, you’re savvy enough to know we won’t be sending actual gifts to Santa. You will receive a tax receipt for 100% of your purchase and proceeds will be used by the David Suzuki Foundation to support our critical work to protect nature and the environment from threats like climate change.

Buying these green gifts and personalized ecards on behalf of hard-to-buy-for friends or relatives on your holiday list is a great way to show you’re thinking of them — and the planet!

The current vaccine, digital currencies, Covid, and lots of other attacks on the west via language, are not the first lines of effort against classical thought. Crypto-environmentalism was most definitely one of them. A line of effort is a point of focus for a disinformation campaign intended to damage a target in specific ways.

Let’s take a purely hypothetical and absurd example as I find fiction often helps to illustrate a point.

One of the main targets of disinformation would be the enemy military. So imagine if you can, that say, the US military picked a man to be a four star general who openly stated he was really a woman, and they picked him, not because he was the best candidate with a peculiarity but specifically because he is a man who insists he is a woman, and has some of the outward trappings of a female, but clearly is not one.

Just to add to the impossibility of this farcical situation, imagine the military was paying for cosmetic surgery for any person to sort of kind of look like the other sex, making them sterile for sure, but also making them less effective as soldiers, and certainly taking them out of potential combat for some long period of time.

Then imagine that the military would put time money and effort into making flight suits specially for pregnant women, where the high G forces of fighter jets would most certainly damage or destroy a gestating baby no matter what the costume worn. G forces are G forces. And the human limit is about 9 Gs for a fit healthy person with no hangover. Imagine what just 2 or 3 X the normal pull of gravity would do to a developing embryo. The most expensive abortion of all time.

(It is possible that the military developed a flight suit, which is basically just customized overalls for pilots and not a G suit for pregnant women. This should have cost about USD $19.95 at wall mart though. A normal flight suit with some spandex around the middle would work fine.)

All of this seems absurd of course. As absurd as if the US government picked a supreme court judge who said as she wasn’t a biologist, she didn’t know the difference between men and women.

Clearly none of these things could possibly happen. But if they did, it would mean the end game of a massively successful disinformation campaign intended to damage all aspects of the machinery of state. And these hypotheticals would represent just one other line of effort. The attack on basic taxonomy. It has become effectively a criminal offence, even if punished outside of the legal space, to advocate or claim there is truth in classical thinking on the biology of sex. On chemistry of climate. On asking for proof of the safety of medicines. Of asking for availability of medicine which is safe and actually works.

It would almost be like as if a Climate activist were to go to the Louvre, disguised as an old woman, and rip of the wig and attack the painting of the Mona Lisa with a cake. What has the Mona Lisa to do with climate? Global warming activism is about one thing. A line of effort against classical thought, culture and values and especially industry. The Mona Lisa is a major symbol of classical artistic achievement. So if such an absurd thing where to happen, well that might explain it.

And then there is  defence of Western culture from one of the most pernicious disinformation attacks of all, the oxymoronic concept of “multiculturalism”. Culture is a set of values which each society codifies into law. Having more than one set of these laws operating within on jurisdiction is not sustainable. Either you have animal cruelty laws or you do not. You cannot allow muslims to slaughter goats or sheep in the garage because they feel its a religious/cultural obligation on them. Either men and women are equal before the law, or they are not. The multicultural aspect of the disinformation lines of effort could go on for volumes. But the point is made.


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