Twitter reveal II and massive evidence against the mRNA experimental gene therapies: Links 1, May 17, 2022

1. Ex-Merck rep reveals the nature of the doctor-big pharma relationship and vaccines

The above video is an excerpt from this video:

She was found dead in her home Dec 7, 2020. The autopsy showed blood clots in her lungs. She started “Learn The Risk” foundation

2. Steve Kirsch with an airline pilot on vaxx injury and danger to aviation

3. Part II of Twitter expose. ANOTHER Employee brags about their communist policies, even if he doesn’t call them that.

4. Del Bigtree on the staggering amount of vaxx damage data

5. 17,000 Physicians Declaration | Global Covid Summit | May 2022

Full Video & Declaration (May 11, 2022)

Thank you all who contribute so much to these pages, even as pressure against communicating reality, or even your own assessment of reality or the imposed pseudo-reality increases in all manners and consequences.

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