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One Reply to “Tommy Robinson documentary on Muslim rape gangs of children in UK”

  1. Thanks so much for this vid
    Outrageous and an undercurrent in all western democracies
    Where appeasement and taking it up the ass in over accommodation
    To backwards cultures abounds

    At a school community playground in a middle class area
    With two grandchildren
    One 15 months
    Two Asian as in East Indian asians came with grandkids
    One a normal integrated type
    The other clearly living in the country of his origin still
    And maybe even visiting
    Kids about 6 and 3
    I had my granddaughter on the slide …me very close
    While the two kids in costume run up to come down slide
    Lots of kids must learn this to wait till the baby is off or anyone…
    But when I stopped the two and pointed to the baby on the end of the slide…. Although polite, it was taken badly….how dare I
    Then later the 6 year old girl kept pointing at me, clearly she had told
    Her grandfather and he was upset
    I just ignored them
    Next they went over to a fenced off piece of equipment that was broken
    And squeezed through and played on it
    WTF as if an educated integrated parent or grandparent would ever
    Behave in this manner…
    Try to teach these people socially accepted behaviour is a joke

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