Canadian Federal Conservative party race, Sweden’s easy walk through Covid and more: Links 1, May 10, 2022

1. Let’s compare Conservative Party Leadership candidates, Pierre Poilievre, and Jean Charest. Try to keep a running score of the actual substance of what they say as they speak. Please start at  1:26:00 to get right to that point. For Canadians seriously interested in all candidates, it may be worth watching the entire video. The segment with Poilievre juxtaposed with Charest though, that’s gold.

The Counter-Signal does a bit of a deeper dive on Charest here.

2. Meanwhile, the current installed WEF puppet, uses Canadian lives like 25 cent poker chips:

3. RAIR Article detailing some of the more fundamental, yet not consciously understood rights Canadians used to have, that Trudeau has removed.

Democracy has many benchmarks, and most of them are little known to those who live in them.

Two of the most important, even if often overlooked, defining aspects of democracy appear to have been ended by the current Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau.

At the end of the day, if one does not like a place one lives, one may leave. This is known as “The Right of Exit.” In a democracy, they typically build walls to keep people out as so many would come in en masse to take advantage of the freedoms those nations offer. But in totalitarian collectivist territories, they wall the people in because otherwise, most would leave.

For many months, Canada has forbidden all the disobedient from leaving. The right of exit is denied to those who do not obey the party.

But more recently, another central dogma of democracy was shattered—the separation of police and the military.

4. Sweden’s Covid death rate among lowest in Europe, despite avoiding strict lockdowns

(Why was Sweden allowed to not to any Covid measures? Probably because they already surrendered their nation to a fully open border, quasi islamic, Africanized global culture, and because they set out an order at the start of Covid to murder their elderly with Morphine and Medazolam, and deny any treatment. Even oxygen.)

New WHO figures show pandemic wrought ‘staggering toll’ of almost 15m fatalities, but harsh restrictions were not the key to beating virus

Sweden’s death rate during the Covid pandemic is among the lowest in Europe, despite the country refusing to impose strict lockdowns, according to new figures from the World Health Organisation.

The UN health agency released estimates of excess deaths – people who died directly and indirectly from Covid – showing the pandemic had wrought a “staggering toll” worldwide, with 14.9 million fatalities, three times higher than fatalities officially reported.

Britain, according to the new data, had a lower excess death rate than Spain, Germany and Italy.

(To be clear, the restrictions Sweden implemented were entirely for show. The number of people allowed at an event was higher than anyone would reasonably expect to be at that type of event. Stores and restaurants thrived. We had a man on the ground there for the harshest lockdowns and there no way to know there were any restrictions in effect at all.)

5. The proper path to the important film, 2000 Mules by Dinesh D’Sousa

(He offers two paths. Become an annual supporter, and watch for free, or buy and download the film.)

Thank you all for your attention. There is a lot being worked on behind the GUI here at Vlad. But for the moment, the focus could well be spent on the most likely, surprise, last minute hearing by the CDC to allow authorization for injecting children, five and under, with the gene therapy, There will be a mechanism to object, but it won’t be easy to find or use. But there may be a way to simplify all that. Will let you know when I know more.



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  1. Poilievre is not much better than Charest. Poilievre’s campaign manager is a WEF person.
    I also noticed that Polievre didn’t mention, even once, lifting the vaxx mandates during his campaign rallies.

  2. Why Won’t Tucker Carlson and Team Allow Any Mention of 2000 Mules?
    Dinesh D’Souza – May 10, 2022
    Here’s the backstory on why Tucker Carlson and his team instructed Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote not to mention ‘2000 Mules’.

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