All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for May 5, 2022

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1. Capabilities of the US Warthog

A number of Warthogs spotted at a Canadian base in Gander:

But the argument goes like this:

Unusual to order fighter jets that only fly over uncontested ground. I thought we called those 747s.

2. This interview with combat veteran and Colonel, Richard H. Black is pretty harsh. Listen very carefully and try and determine what is fact and what is the product of his world view. But I can say for a fact that most or all of what he is saying about Syria is true, and even incomplete. We here at Vlad, published videos  of the nascent Islamic State, then called some other thing, Al Nusra Front or whatnot, but it was AQ in all but name, testing chemical weapons on rabbits. The US then claimed chemical weapons attacks had been done by Al Assad and used it as their Casus Beli to go in to Syria.

He also understands the Islamic religious rules and its role in the Syrian and other conflicts.

This video below, we had translated from Bulgarian TV and subtitled when Obama was in and when it was topical. EVERY platform, including and Bitchute took it down well within an hour. For some reason it seems to be allowed to remain online now. But let me be clear, back in Obama’s day, if the US government (I assume it was they who censored this) decided they did not want you to know something, you were not going to be allowed to have any evidence of what you knew, or get to know it at all.

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  1. The Russians warned some time ago that if any NATO country intervenes in Ukraine that country will be attacked. This includes the US, Canada, UK et al. A-10’s in Ukraine mean Russian bombs in NYC, DC, Ottawa…

      • The sole fact Zelensky still hasn’t entered into a dialogue with Putin, the former having requested such at the beginning and a few weeks later also, tells me all I need to know.

        Top it off with the Pelosi/Schiff visit, and all I see is cash money distribution. The only card Zel has is the damaging proof of the Bidens’ corruption.

        NATO is quiet and doesn’t seem to want to get seriously involved.

        So, that leaves USA and Zelensky who is good at short-taped video addresses, his most recent one asking the world to contribute financially. That is from the guy who allowed his country to be destroyed.

        Russia will win this US-fabricated war once everybody gets their financial rewards.

  2. europravda – Opening of Ukraine donor conference

    World leaders gather at the opening of the International Donor’s Conference for Ukraine at Warsaw’s National Stadium.

  3. europravda – Zelensky speaks at Ukraine donor conference

    Zelenskyy delivers a virtual message at the opening of a conference to raise donations for Ukraine at Warsaw’s National Stadium.

  4. europravda – Ukraine FM: EU countries blocking oil embargo ‘complicit’ in alleged Russian crimes

    Dmytro Kuleba says that any EU country that blocks an embargo on Russian oil imports is “complicit” in crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine.

  5. zero hedge – CIA Trying To Contact Russians Who Are Against Ukraine War Via Dark Web

    The CIA is trying to contact Russians who are against the war in Ukraine and has offered a secure way to contact the agency. The spy agency wants Russians to communicate with them through a website the CIA set up on the dark web.

    “We are providing Russian-language instructions on how to safely contact CIA — via our Dark Web site or a reputable VPN — for those who feel compelled to reach us because of the Russian government’s unjust war,” a CIA official told CBS News.

    […]The site requires users to use the web browser Tor, which encrypts a user’s internet activity. The CIA is hoping that Russians, both civilians, and soldiers, will use the site to give information to the US.

    […]The CIA’s call for Russian contacts could also be related to the US goal of attempting to put pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin by stirring unrest in Russia.

  6. CNN – Oil baron unleashes vast wealth to fight Putin

    Nic Robertson speaks to Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, a major contributor to the war effort against Russia, who is facing extradition to the US.

  7. CBC -Ukrainian forces are in ‘bloody battle’ for Mariupol steelworks

    Heavy fighting rages on at a steel mill in Mariupol besieged by Russian forces, where hundreds of Ukrainian troops have hunkered down for weeks.

  8. FRANCE PR4VD4- Embedded with the Ukrainian soldiers facing the Russians across no man’s land

    In southeastern Ukraine, a group of soldiers man a series of gun emplacements and makeshift trenches in a deserted no-man’s land.

    About four or five kilometres away are the Russians, whose rockets frequently wreak havoc in nearby towns.

    Soldier Dmytro Sirenko insists that his unit will not leave its positions no matter what, because the Russians want to “push us out and then keep marching”.

  9. CBC – Military losses mount in Ukraine as war rages on

    More than three months into the Ukraine war, military casualties are mounting on the front lines. But Ukraine’s army is far from defeat, showing signs of resilience.

  10. CBC – Ukraine’s prime minister urges Trudeau, Freeland to visit Kiev

    Denys Shmyhal says he is waiting to welcome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other high-ranking government officials. Shmyhal also thanked Canada for being one of the first countries to embargo Russian oil and gas and to extend their support to Ukraine.

  11. CBC – Canada must increase capacity of defence industry, says top soldier

    Canada’s top general says work is ongoing to provide Ukraine with more weapons

  12. DAILY MAIL – Ukrainian blogger accused of being a pro-Putin propagandist is arrested in Spain for ‘high treason’

    Anatoly Shariy, 43, arrested in Spain on charge of ‘high treason’ against Ukraine
    Shariy is accused of disseminating pro-Russian propaganda during 2014 revolt
    Ukraine’s security service say he also incited ethnic violence via social media
    Shariy previously denied charges, saying he is the victim of political persecution

    A Ukrainian blogger accused of being a pro-Putin propagandist has been arrested in Spain on charges of ‘high treason’ today.

    Anatoly Shariy, 43 and originally from Kyiv, was detained Thursday on an international arrest warrant issued by Ukraine’s SBU domestic security service.

    It is not clear where exactly Shariy was found, but he has been living in a town somewhere on Spain’s Catalan coast since 2016 while claiming political asylum.


    UK – EXPRESS – Putin reeling as top Russian propagandist ‘arrested’ for ‘high treason’ by Spanish police

    VLADIMIR PUTIN has been left reeling following the arrest of a leading Russian propagandist who has been arrested in Spain and wanted in Ukraine for “high treason.”

    YouTube blogger who is critical of the Kiev regime and its various right-wing nationalist militias has likewise been targeted by Zelensky and the SBU since the beginning of the war.

    […]Since the beginning of the war, Mr Shariy has been subject to protests and harassment by right-wing thugs outside his home in Spain.

    RT – Popular Ukrainian Zelensky critic arrested in Spain

    […]Shariy was arrested on Wednesday in a joint operation by Spanish and Ukrainian cops, as well as international “partners”, the SBU said in a statement.

    Shariy’s arrest “is more proof that every traitor of Ukraine will sooner or later receive his well-deserved punishment. It is inevitable,” the SBU claimed.

    […]The Ukrainian announcement was confirmed by the Spanish police, who told RIA-Novosti that Shariy was detained in the coastal city of Tarragona on May 4 on an international arrest warrant.

  13. Orbán says EU unity undermined by Russia oil embargo plan

    Hungary premier claims fresh sanctions package would threaten country’s energy security

    Hungary has accused Brussels of threatening EU unity with its plans to impose an embargo on Russian oil imports, saying Budapest would not support proposals that would undermine its energy security.

    Prime minister Viktor Orbán told European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen in a letter seen by the Financial Times that Hungary was unable to support the EU’s latest sanctions plan “in its current form”.

    “If the commission insists on the adoption of its proposal, it will have to bear full responsibility for a historical failure in the course of European integration,” Orbán said.


    Orban warns oil embargo plan against Russia will be ‘historic failure’

    Sanctions holdout Viktor Orban says the plan will cause more harm to Hungary than Russia and could disrupt EU unity

    […]Orban also said the measures would cause a further increase in energy prices without sufficient remedial measures by the EU to mitigate the fallout.


    DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – Hungary risks further isolation by refusing to support EU oil embargo

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Brussels are at odds again. Hungary refuses to support the planned oil embargo against Russia. But now even former allies such as Poland are turning their backs.

    […]Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto said during a visit to Kazakhstan on Tuesday that his government would not agree to any sanctions that made oil and gas imports from Russia to Hungary impossible because this would put the country’s energy security at risk.

    ‘Europe is strong, Orbán has lost!’ –

  14. Biden and his cabal are insane

    Zelensky along with Putin are BOTH war mongers and responsible for the deaths and destruction

    Canada will be hit first by Russia as a warning to the USA

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