Islamic terrorists welcomed into US, Governments crush privacy everywhere: Links 2, My 2, 2022

1. Nigeria blocks 73 million mobile numbers for not being tied to national ID system

Major privacy and civi liberties concerns.

Nigeria has blocked 73 million phone numbers because they were not linked to the National Identity Numbers (NINs).

In 2011, African countries including Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, and Nigeria, agreed to enforce SIM Registration laws to curb cybercrimes, identity theft, and scams. Nigeria rolled out a mandatory 11-digit digital identity number that requires citizens to register their personal details, photos, and biometrics.

“The National Identity Number (NIN) is required to open a bank account, apply for a driver’s license, vote, get health insurance, and file tax returns,” Reuters reported.

Over the past five years, the country has been postponing the deadline to link SIM cards with NINs. Earlier this month, numbers that had not been linked to NINs were blocked from making outgoing calls. Eventually, these numbers will be blocked entirely.

Critics have noted that the program gives the government a lot of information that could result in privacy issues. But the government insists that the program will help reduce cybercrimes such as identity theft.

(Our South African colleague explains that this has already happened in South Africa. They claim it’s to curb crime. But its actually to subjugate the public.)

2. There are a lot of reports of attacks on the food supply in one form or another. Too many to keep up with and also do events which require time and effort. Do check the Reader’s Links please posted each midnight Eastern as a lot of them make it there. Meanwhile, here is something else to be afraid of. The cure for this one may be a large metal device with charcoal and maybe a little wet hickory though. No vaxx needed.

E. coli scare prompts recall of more than 60 tons of ground beef

The Food and Drug Administration said Monday that more than 60 tons of ground beef products that may be contaminated with E. coli are being recalled.

Among the packages affected: SE Grocers’ Naturally Better Grass Fed Beef and Ground Beef Patties, Thomas Farms’ Grass Fed Ground Beef Patties and Ground Beef, Nature’s Reserve All Natural Grass Fed Ground Beef, Tajima Kobe Ground Beef, Marketside Butcher Wagyu Beef Patties and Weis By Nature Ground Beef Burgers;

There have been no confirmed reports of illness or adverse reactions due to consumption of the products, the FDA said. However, it said it is concerned that some products may still be in consumers’ refrigerators and freezers.

3. It seems that Obama may have signed into law, the ability to use PCR tests BEFORE Trump took office in 2016

4. Islamic terrorists where welcomed into the US under Biden, and hidden

5. Watch MEP Destroy Entire Covid Policy in 5 Minutes: ‘Time For Very Unpleasant Questions’

“Covid ‘vaccines’ caused 20 times as many serious side effects and 23 times as many deaths as all other vaccines in the past 20 years combined.”

This week MEP Christine Anderson (AfD) gave her first speech before the European Union’s new “COVID-19 inquiry committee”. The German MEP condemned the EU’s Covid policies and demanded an investigation into the clear human rights violations under the pretext of combatting a virus.

Anderson railed against the “false claims regarding the safety of the vaccines, their alleged definitive approval, and so-called effectiveness.” The MEP pointed out that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) database shows that in seven months, the Covid “vaccines” caused 20 times as many serious side effects and 23 times as many deaths as all other vaccines in the past 20 years combined.

(Click through for video)

Thank you all who have been so diligent this weekend. Russia-Ukraine still looms confusing and famine on the horizon? Good time to buy a coloured horse

Meanwhile, in Italy, police allow this demo:

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  1. One DAY before Trump took over the Oval Office.

    Remember what Fauci said in the same year about the “Pandemic” Trump will have to deal with soon?
    Yep, just a coincidence……

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