The last thing the left wants, is a solution: CO2 and alternative fuels

Thesis, counter-thesis, solution.

Back in the 70s, during the last phoney fuel shortage when people lined up around the block to get expensive gas that often wasn’t available because “energy crisis” and whatever other reasons they made up to explain why it was so difficult to fuel your car, a South African farmer actually came up with a partial solution that would have led to a full solution had he been allowed to do so. And that even though the crisis was a total fraud.

I learned about this from a now defunct Ottawa newspaper called, “The Ottawa Journal”. which was destroyed by its Worker’s Union in 1980, most likely because the paper was more or less attached to the Conservative party, as opposed to the Ottawa Citizen, which was Liberal. But Mother Earth News has a relatively recent article on this fellow, while the original article probably never made it to the Internet.

If you read the article, it shows how not only was he able to run internal combustion engines on the Methane he produced, but a myriad of other problems cleared up as well:

At that point a man pressed a button on an electric pump and the whole mess just whooshed down through an enormously strong steel grid, through a sand trap and into the methane plant. As the last bit went down the drain, a hose was turned on and everything was washed down and left spotless. There were no smells, no odors, and no flies.

The fly eggs that were already in the manure, you see, would go into the plant and that was the end of them. It was really remarkable, actually, how the fly menace cleared up on the farm over a period of a few months. There were practically no flies left.

The whole place cleared up, in fact. The stench from the compost was gone, there was no more dust or dirt flying around, reinfestation of roundworms stopped altogether, and the pigs were certainly healthier.

The phrase, “Thesis, counter-thesis, solution” in practice, and likely also in theory, means a problem is invented, ideally one with little or no basis in reality, a counter-thesis is proposed which enforces the narrative of the thesis by buying into it, as well as creating more problems as you implement fake solutions (think electric cars) and a solution appears which doesn’t actually address the non-problem so much as it aids the goals of a communist attack on Western civilization. Think “carbon tax” and “global Warming”. Most importantly, while these solutions do nothing to solve the problem they are ostensibly for, they do move the revolution forward.

In the case of Global Warming due to (exclusively) Western man’s industrial output and farm output, the solutions offered are always to make industry close to impossible. This is opposed to actual solutions which do not result in the mere redistribution of Carbon in one form or another, like a tax. An absurd proposition to begin with. But that is always how the revolutionaries proceed.

A great example of a real solution to the phoney problem, is President Bush’s effort to make a giant safe repository for spent nuclear fuel in Yuca Mountain and build a system of railways leading to it. The idea was, nuclear reactors could operate with zero CO2 emissions and the spent fuel had a safe place to be stored that would hold them for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

The money was spent, the rail lines had been built, the mountain hollowed out and reenforced with all the safety measures needed, and there is still no fuel in that repository thanks to Obama’s abandonment of the entire project. Just like there is no industrial production of methane from pig farm manure.

Moving to today, The Rebel Media interviewed another farmer who found a way to make safe clean fuel out of ammonia with an average cost of 25c per litre. Put another way, twenty five cents per litre!

It has no pollution, no CO2 in the exhaust and is cheap like borscht. I wouldn’t go investing in it just yet though. Clearly there is zero desire for an actual solution to a fake problem that was never meant to be solved in the first place, but was meant as the means to an attack on all of us which we would actually assist because the goals sounded so very reasonable, and of course, we would be “racist, homophobes, transphobes, misogynists” and every other now familiar and orthodox dialectic attack on us that they can use which is more about effect than any kind of grains of truth.

This video is very important.

Once he gets into his attempts to get the government on board based on their own statements of what is needed, he passes the bullseye and goes off the board to a degree. Not that he isn’t correct, but misses the central point. It’s not just about corruption. Its about destroying the west, the nation state, Western civilization and Greek thought itself.



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  1. Imagin.Solutions visits David Blume’s Alcohol distillation Plant & Regenerative Farm
    Rolland Gregg – August 31, 2019

    • Hydrogen is not and will never be a fuel. It is an energy currency.

      It will always take about as much energy to make hydrogen as it produces. This makes it a currency rather than a source of power.

      Think of it like a battery. You charge it, then use it, with a little bit of loss in the process. So this meets the entire thesis of this article. The government does not want solutions, it wants additional problems. If it allows for Hydrogen, its because it knows it will make things worse.

      Just ask anyone on board the Hindenburg,

      Which reminds me of an Indian company that made small cars powered by compressed air. Seriously. Two thinks are monumentally stupid about that. It cannot possibly give you more energy than it took to compress the air, and imagine how far your body parts would fly in the event of an accident soon after a fill up.

      That also is a form of energy currency.

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