Joe headed under the bus? Trudeau’s bank costs a lot, does nothing, Ivermectin for real and protests on the Hill: Links 1 for April 6, 2022

1. Tucker Carlson on the shunning of Joe Biden, even in his usurped home

(We predicted when Tucker did his show on AOC’s new book, that she was the person the DNC is planning to replace Joe Biden with. When they picked Obama to be president, he mysteriously came out with TWO fictional ‘autobiographies’ and he hadn’t even done anything yet. Much like his Nobel Prize. So when Tucker did nearly a whole show mocking the new book on how amazing she is, using language to make ordinary day-to-day things look like miraculous accomplishments, we had a cold-blood realization. The DNC wants her as the next president to replace the unpopular and embarrassing Joe Biden)

2. Trudeau created some special kinda bank which we have never heard of. Its been ‘operational’ for 5 years. But it hasn’t actually completed a single project. Why is that bank?

3. Injury from police horse during convoy protest too minor to investigate, SIU says

(Gotta admire a police force that saves itself the trouble of a fake investigation and then lying about the facts and faking results and just gets right to lying about why they can’t be bothered to do that. Saves everyone so much time.)

Ontario’s police watchdog has closed its investigation of an interaction between a police horse and a woman during the convoy protest in Ottawa because her injury was not serious enough to fall under the organization’s jurisdiction. 

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) said in a Monday press release the 49-year-old woman sustained a “strained shoulder” after she had an “interaction” with a Toronto Police Service mounted officer during the final weekend that protesters were occupying downtown streets. 

She was among a group of protesters on Rideau Street in front of the Fairmont Château Laurier on the evening of Feb. 18 when mounted officers entered the crowd to create distance between protesters and police, the release said. 

A horse near the edge of the unit “contacted” a man and a woman, knocking them to the ground. Officers on foot surrounded the two — as did protesters — and the woman was helped to her feet, according to the SIU. 

Just FYI, this is what isn’t worth an investigation. One would imagine they would do one if legitimately nothing happened but the public thought it did, and so they would have one in the interests of transparency. You know, Democracy and all that noise Trudeau makes. So this would be worthy in more democratic times on two levels.

4. WHO panel sees potential benefits of traditional Chinese medicine in Covid-19 treatment

(There has been another major misinformation attack against the use of Ivermectin. Note how these studies are carefully timed for release to make sure the idea that it doesn’t work remain in the public consciousness. For the science on Ivermectin and the analysis of these studies, we recommend following Dr. Pierre Kory. To be clear, Ivermectin is a safe, inexpensive and effective medication that study after study has shown is effective at every stage of Covid19 infection. The vaxx on the other hand…)

Data suggests approach is safe in combination with conventional antiviral medicine, report says

Further analysis and trials should be conducted, it says

A WHO panel has recommended that member states consider using traditional Chinese medicine to help manage Covid-19, saying there is evidence that TCM is beneficial in some cases.

The suggestion was contained in a report on a three-day meeting in February to look at the value of using TCM to treat Covid-19.
The panel agreed that TCM was beneficial in reducing the risk of progression from mild-to-moderate cases to severe Covid-19.
“Although the trials involved different settings, the data suggested that TCM was both safe and beneficial when combined with conventional antiviral medicine,” the panel said.

(So in other words, you can take ineffective superstitious nonsense so long as it doesn’t interfere with taking experimental unapproved and very expensive dangerous Western drugs. Or even if it works. But NO safe and tested meds like HCQ or Ivermectin, because that would replace the dangerous expensive ones, and we can’t have that now can we.)

5. This is our Freedom Fighter’s Canada interview, shot on April 1, 2022. The protests at the hill continue daily, but the most people is on weekends. These guys are dedicated. Madeline Weld wrote a truly excellent article about the protests and Trudeau’s crashing Canada into the wall that we thought came down in 1998. Please click through to read the article.

He mentions Ontario bill 100. Here is a little bit on it.

Thank you all who sent in links and posted thoughts to this forum. An after thought from Elon Musk that deserves consideration.


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  1. 5)

    So in other “immortal” words of Emperor Klaus Sauron;
    “You own Nothing – if you don’t behave – and you’ll be happy – or else.”

    Nothing but the best of tyrannies for Justine de Turd’s serfs and slaves, isn’t it?

  2. 1. ,” …using language to make ordinary day-to-day things look like miraculous accomplishments, we had a cold-blood realization.”

    Give them a gospel according to.

    And the followers will follow.

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