Islamic slave raids, death to man because someone dreamed that he blasphemed, and the totalitarian plot that is the vaxx: Links 1, April 5, 2022

1. David Wood on dreaming killing someone for blasphemy because a student dreamed the teacher said something bad about Islam. Yes really.

(One disagreement though. I suspect there are a few people tied for “most obvious false prophet of all time” that David Wood gives to Mohammad. He did the most damage of them by an order of magnitude unless you count Karl Marx. But I have to say the guy who made up Mormonism has to be at least neck and neck, not to mention L. Ron Hubbard, who I believe was recorded saying, “If you want to make the real money, start your own religion”. So gotta disagree with Mr. Wood there.)

2. Naomi Wolf on The War Room from April 1, 2022. Naomi goes over the most recent data dump from Pfizer

3. ‘Jabapalooza’ doctor tests positive for COVID-19, cancels vaccinations, appointments

Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth cautioned that individuals with any symptoms should not rely on rapid tests to rule out COVID-19 due to the risk that people may not be doing them correctly or are getting false negatives.

COVID-19 has hit home for Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth, known for the “Jabapalooza” events that have vaccinated thousands of people in Ottawa.

The Glebe family doctor and activist had to cancel plans to give fourth doses to 85 high-risk people Sunday and for in-person visits with patients after testing positive for the virus.

Kaplan-Myrth is feeling “just furious,” along with a sore throat, headache and other aches. She’s previously spoken out against Ontario’s move to lift most mask mandates last month — after limiting access to lab testing for COVID-19 — as indicators of transmission rise.

4. Ford is about to pass Bill 100 in Ontario, and it means a serious attack on private property rights over ideological matters.

5. Slave raids in Nigeria

Thank you all for your contributions to this effort. There is some positive changes in the air. Courts are hearing cases about the vaxx and mandates and some of them are sympathetic. Today in a zoom meeting, an Ohio lawyer explained that in half the school boards, there was no mandates at all, including no mask mandates. Those schools had better outcomes in terms of Covid. So keep researching and pushing for the truth. But the enemy propaganda, and disinformation, which is a distinct thing from propaganda and the more innocent, misinformation, against Ivermectin is intense. A totally bogus study was release last month in a desperate attempt to preserve the prohibition on it. But it fell apart faster than in past efforts like the NEJM and Lancet fake articles about HCQ. So stay hopeful.

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4 Replies to “Islamic slave raids, death to man because someone dreamed that he blasphemed, and the totalitarian plot that is the vaxx: Links 1, April 5, 2022”

  1. “But I have to say the guy who made up Mormonism has to be at least neck and neck”

    The difference is, unlike Islam or Marxism, Mormonism doesn’t have a lot of third-party victims.

  2. If Karl Marx was a false prophet, what does that make Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel!? He used dialectic reasoning, which is a crock.
    Schopenhauer described Hegel as a “clumsy charlatan”.
    Karl Popper wrote that “there is so much philosophical writing (especially in the Hegelian school) which may justly be criticised as meaningless verbiage”.[124] Popper also makes the claim in the second volume of The Open Society and Its Enemies (1945) that Hegel’s system formed a thinly veiled justification for the absolute rule of Frederick William III and that Hegel’s idea of the ultimate goal of history was to reach a state approximating that of 1830s Prussia. Popper further proposed that Hegel’s philosophy served not only as an inspiration for communist and fascist totalitarian governments of the 20th century, whose dialectics allow for any belief to be construed as rational simply if it could be said to exist.
    Isaiah Berlin listed Hegel as one of the six architects of modern authoritarianism who undermined liberal democracy, along with Rousseau, Claude Adrien Helvétius, Fichte, Saint-Simon and Joseph de Maistre.
    Voegelin argued that Hegel should be understood not as a philosopher, but as a “sorcerer”, i.e. as a mystic and hermetic thinker.[127] This concept of Hegel as a hermetic thinker was elaborated by Glenn Alexander Magee,[128] who argued that interpreting Hegel’s body of work as an expression of mysticism and hermetic ideas leads to a more accurate understanding of Hegel.

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