All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for March 28, 2022


If this translation is correct, its an earthquake for the planet’s financial systems.

***UPDATE*** Translation is accurate.

1. Serbia stands with Putin

(Gotta say, NATO asked for this when they bombed the crap out of Serbia, taking out all their infrastructure on the first night. And frankly, its very difficult to understand why they attacked a country that had been a staunch ally of the West for two world wars.)

2. Epoch Times video discussing the ties to the Ukrainian bio-labs and the US president via his son. There is no embed, so click through to see it.

3. Everyone does propaganda. Trying to know what are lies and truth in this conflict is not possible. But assuming this document is legit, the Russians are working on propaganda of their own.

Click through and read the follow up comments. Its like the whole war on Twitter. Ill see if I can get this translated, but again, impossible to know if its real, or what it means.



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  1. AUSTRALIA – twitter -@MadsMelbourne

    Doherty Institute in Victoria have been found receiving serum samples from Ukraine bio-labs!

    And guess what infectious disease pathogens they had shipped over?

    .. the Japenese Encephalitis Virus

    Just a coincidence Australia has had an outbreak recently right?!


    They put out a statement yesterday regarding receiving these samples! The shipping info addressed to Doherty from Ukraine are online×900

  2. europravda -Shoes appear beside Danube River in solidarity with Ukraine

    The footwear alludes to the ‘Shoes on the Danube Bank’ memorial, which Zelensky referenced in a scathing statement to Hungary’s Viktor Orbán last week.

  3. G7 rejects Putin’s demand for rouble payment for Russian gas – Germany

    BERLIN, March 28 (Reuters) – Energy ministers from the Group of Seven industrialized nations reject demands by President Vladimir Putin that “unfriendly” countries pay for Russian gas with roubles, Germany’s Robert Habeck said after talks with his counterparts on Monday.

    “All G7 ministers have agreed that this is a unilateral and clear breach of existing contracts,” Habeck, who is German economy and climate protection minister, told reporters after a virtual conference with G7 energy ministers.

    The ministers “underlined once again that the concluded contracts are valid and the companies should and must respect them … payment in roubles is unacceptable, and we call on the companies concerned not to comply with Putin’s demand,” he said.

    “Putin’s attempt to divide us is obvious, but – as you can see from this great unity and determination – we will not be divided.”

  4. <b<reuters- Six U.S. navy aircraft, 240 support personnel to deploy to Germany- Pentagon

    The Pentagon on Monday said it would be sending six naval aircraft to Germany, along with about 240 personnel to help support them.

    Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the additional aircraft being sent later on Monday were not in response to a specific Russian action and would bolster NATO readiness.


    Six US Naval Aircraft, 240 Maintainers To Be Deployed In Germany To Bolster NATO Readiness

    The new systems are being sent to Spangdahlem airbase in Germany to bolster NATO’s defense posture, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said.

    In a significant development, six US Navy EA-18G Growler aircraft and 240 maintainers will be deployed to Germany to boost NATO readiness amid the Russia-Ukraine war, Pentagon said on Monday. The new systems are being sent to Spangdahlem airbase in Germany to bolster NATO’s defense posture, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said during a conference call. In addition to this, 240 Navy personnel will be sent to Germany consisting of pilots and maintenance crew.

    “In coordination with the German government, six US Navy EA-18 G growler aircraft from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington, are scheduled to arrive at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany today and this is in order to bolster readiness and NATO’s collective defense posture and further increase air integration capabilities with our Allied and partner nations,” Kirby was quoted as saying by Sputnik.

    Germany rushes to clarify stance on Biden’s remark

    The additional deployment comes even as US President Joe Biden’s Warsaw tirade sends fears of a possible escalation of the war. Reacting to Biden’s remarks, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has clarified that NATO does not seek a regime change in Russia. “This is not NATO’s goal,” TASS reported citing ARD TV.

    In what is being perceived as a major verbal escalation, Biden on March 26, called Russian President Vladimir Putin a ‘butcher’ and seemingly called for a regime change in Russia. “For God’s sake, this man (Putin) cannot remain in power,” said Biden as he addressed officials from Warsaw’s Royal Castle on Saturday.

    After Biden’s off-the-cuff remarks invoked massive scrutiny, the White House rushed to clarify that the leader had strayed off his prepared speech. “The President’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbours or the region. He was not discussing Putin’s power in Russia, or regime change.”

    France has also waded into the matter warning against such verbal escalation with Moscow. French President Emmanuel Macron told France 3 that if the world wanted a ceasefire or a withdrawal of Russian troops, “we can’t escalate either in words or actions”.

    • Moon of Alabama – Ukraine – Smoke And Mirrors Around Poisonous Peace Talks

      The disinformation department of the British MI6 secret service and its ‘non-government-organization’ Bellingcrap are offering another of their laughable ‘chemical weapon’ and ‘poisoning’ fairy tales:

      […]Analysts at Bellingcat confirmed that three members of the delegation – including Abramovich – attending the peace talks between Ukraine and Russia on 3 March experienced ‘symptoms consistent with poisoning with chemical weapons’.

      […]The peace talks on Thursday, March 3, between Ukraine and Russia took place in Brest region of Belarus

      […]Abramovich did not attend the peace talks between Ukraine and Russia on March 3.

      […]There are indeed a lot of discrepancies within and in between all those reports that can not be accounted for.

      That is likely because various Ukrainians, as well as their ‘western’ supporters, are lying about everything they can lie about. They do that because they usually get away with it. This time however the Ukrainian government was not yet coordinated well enough to keep those lies up:

      MARCH 28 2022 – BBC – Roman Abramovitch “poisoned” at peace talks with Ukraine

      The Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and Ukrainian peace negotiators are reported to have suffered symptoms consistent with chemical poisoning during negotiations about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

      It’s undertood that Mr Abramovitch was taking part in informal peace talks when he became ill, along with two Ukrainian negotiators. The symptoms are said to have included red eyes and peeling skin on the face and hands.

      However a US official said intelligence suggested the cause was environmental and not deliberate poisonin.

      Presidential officials in Kiev also sought to play down the claims.

    • MARCH 28 2022 – europravda – Roman Abramovich and Ukraine negotiators ‘victims of attempted poisoning’

      The sanctioned Russian billionaire and at least two members of the Ukrainian team were targeted in Kiev in early March, according to the Wall Street Journal and the investigative site Bellingcat.

    • MARCH 28 2022 – sky news UK – Ukraine War: Roman Abramovich ‘suffered symptoms of suspected chemical weapons poisoning’

  5. ‘You gotta be silly’: Biden snaps at Peter Doocy over Russia questions

    ….Biden said those statements never happened.

  6. the conservative tree house Biden Cheat Sheet Shows How Team Behind White House Intended to Control His Cleanup

    […] someone was able to capture a picture of the talking points that were prepared for him to read.

    One pre-printed response even reads, “I was not articulating a change in policy.”

    MORE :

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