Parliament Hill rules on signage, classically tyrannical: Links 1, March 25, 2022

1. The new rule against F Trudeau flags is about obscenity. As you can see by the image below from a document that was shown to protestors about their F Trudeau flags, you can’t promote hatred or be obscene etc. etc. yada yada wuzza wuzza. Totally subjective rules for signs on the hill. So now we know the F Trudeau signs are prohibited. But watch this Rebel News video to see which ones are not!

2. Quebec Premier Francois Legault tests positive for COVID-19

Quebec Premier François Legault tested positive for COVID-19 after developing symptoms Thursday afternoon.

The premier made the announcement in a post to social media later on the same day. 

“This afternoon, I started experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. I took a screening test and received a positive result,” he wrote. “I feel good.” He said he’d continue working from home over the next five days, as prescribed by the province’s isolation guidelines. 

So that’s Psaki, Hillary Clinton and now Legault. Because I do not believe a word these people ever say is meant to communicate truth but to create an effect, one wonders if this isn’t a prelude to reversing the liberalizing the restrictions and increasing pressure to take the mRNA. After all, they all claim that they are doing great with Covid cause they took the shots.

3. Protestors have surrounded the Pfizer building in Paris

4. MORE charges laid against leaders of the Trucker protest. ZERO charges still against the people who burned down 57 Churches in Western Canada last summer.

Enemy propaganda service, CTV news uses the language of the dialectic without question. “Occupation” as an example. Which is proof positive that it is not journalism, or news, but an attack vector of the left and with a leftist government.

5. Dr. Richard Fleming: Is Covid19 a bioweapon?

A Discussion with Perry Atkinson from Dr. Richard M Fleming on Vimeo.

Thank you all for your continued patronage of this effort. 

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  1. ITEM 2: re Quebec Premier Legault. I don’t believe he tested positive and/or has Covid. He had just been through two days of grueling criticism of a particular element in his new budget; even his supporters bashed him.

    That particular element consists of his government gifting taxpayers by depositing $500 into the accounts of Quebecers earning $100,000 or less to offset surging inflation. I hope you all see the problem.

    So, he’s in hiding and five days ought to be enough to change the conversation while using Covid to attract sympathy and, as Vlad mentions, it opens the door to boosters and possibly implementing new Covid restrictions such as masking.

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