And the Oscar goes to…! Australia holds major Senate hearings on Covid and more: Links 2, March 25, 2022

1. Tucker Carson gives the Oscar to Senator Cory Booker

2. I remember being a teenager (barely) and sneaking in to the local medical school library to look up info about drugs. They had a machine which had a screen of sorts and you could sort of search with it. I dunno, ‘micro-fiche’? Something like that. But I distinctly remember what I saw when I looked for heroin. A poster from the Bayer Corporation, a split off from the German, IG Farber who did so much work for the Nazis, (see yesterday’s post on them) that they went on trial in Nuremberg.

Anyway the poster I saw, as I recall, said:

“For a headache, take Aspirin. For a sore throat, try Heroin.”

Something very much like that. In any case, it was a poster which was an advert for Heroin before it became known as, let’s say problematic. Today I stumbled on this tweet:

For anyone who thinks this is something from the deep dark past of big Pharma, please spend the time to watch the highly entertaining TV series, Dopesick.

3. Simpsons clip from 2011

4. This is a link to many videos from the Australian Senate hearings on Covid and the Vaxx and related policies. I have heard from those involved that this was an amazing session of the Australian Senate. Real progress towards truth and facts where made, and some serious speakers were allowed to present. We posted Kat Lindley’s presentation yesterday. Here is one more video. But all of them are at the link above.

5. Trudeau gets yet ANOTHER blast of truth, this time from an Irish female politician.


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This is an interesting video. It claims to be from 2017.

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  1. The daughter of the mayor in a major city in the Donetsk region (southeast) has been kidnapped by Zelensky’s SBU [Uke version of FSB, formerly KGB]. She’s being held in Ivano Frankovsk oblast (southwest).
    The mayor offered to take her place as hostage.

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