Quebec Minister Dube, wearing Ukraine Pin, explains how they want to keep the covid powers: Links 1, March 16, 2022

1. On the safety and effectiveness of the vaxx. Seems looking at the data seems to offer a different view

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2. Could Trump’s favorite COVID pill fight cancer? Hydroxychloroquine could tackle drug resistance in tumors and make chemo more powerful, study claims

While it may not cure Covid, the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine could help treat cancer, a new study suggests.

Hydroxychloroquine was thrust into the limelight as a potential Covid treatment in 2020 by then US President Donald Trump, who called it a ‘gift from God’. 

While medical trials eventually poured cold water on the drug as a tool in the fight against Covid, experts believe it may have cancer-fighting applications.

(The Daily Mail for some reason ignores the FACT that the studies showing it didn’t work for Covid were faked, and many subsequent studies show it does, as its a Zinc ionophor, and has anti viral properties. But no worries. This news about Cancer treatment will probably get a few generic drug makers killed and blow up a few HCQ plants all on its own.)

3. Bill Maher continues his winning streak. In this case, on the Florida bill to stop massive sex indoctrination on small children.

4. This is the contents of an email that came to me by an activist that only communicates by mass email. Her initials are WM.

I received the following message from GiveSendGo today:

Update: Freedom Convoy Trucker Funds 

The Canadian government has criminalized the receiving of funds from the Freedom Convoy 2022 campaign and now are trying to seize the funds to redistribute.  In order to protect our Givers and the intended purposes of their gifts, funds not already transferred to the recipients from the ‘Freedom Trucker Convoy’ campaign will be refunded automatically, no refund requests necessary. Additional information will be posted shortly. 

Included in the email was this link to Yournews.Ca

(It is worth the read. Apparently, some components of government in Canada has admitted that there was no threat by the contributors or recipients of the donations for the Freedom Convoy. But that changes nothing in terms of the policies enacted under emergency measures.)

5. It appears that the newest UK Covid Stats report indicates a grossly disproportionate number of deaths is of those who took the mRNA shots. Alex Berenson feels that the UK stats are the most important because they are the least politicized. Which is a very bad sign for everywhere else frankly.

(Best to click through and read it all there)

6. Quebec tables bill to end the “Emergency measures Act” that has been renewed over 100 times since the announcement of the Covid Flu

Thank you all who contributed in any and all ways to the effort of this site, its author, and the search for any kind of truth in the fog of the information battlespace which has been all most of us have known for some time.

It seems like the point of much of these lines of effort, everything from feminism, a Marxist line of effort for those that do not know, to nuclear winter, to global warming, through to Covid, Russia, the vaccine, Russia again, UFOs and so many more major issues mostly fictions and mostly created by lies by media and politicians, is to get each one of us into a square on a grid, isolated from everyone else.

Lets say a large group of people agree on Islam as a threat doctrine to the West. Which it was actually written to be, much like communism. But then a new issue was introduced. Say, Trans-rights. And some of the people who were solid on the Islamic issue now fraction off because they don’t see eye to eye on trans rights. More and more issues are introduced and again, mostly fictional ones. Even gay marriage since no one stopped homosexuals from living however they wanted to before they made it into a national issue, and so on and so on till each person is mad at every other person because they don’t see eye to eye on every single issue.

Now I could produce volumes of data for each one of these things. And frankly most of them are communist plots. And in truth, most of these issues have been presented on this site already more than once.

If you read books by highly placed American communists like Whitaker Chambers or Bella Dodd, you can see the evidence of most of it for yourselves. Or even read the Suffragette feminist manifesto which is Marx chapter and verse but with the word, “women” sprinkled in for good measure now and again.

Even reading these few paragraphs will probably alienate some readers to this site who are onboard with the Islam thing, but not the vaccine thing. The Alien invasion thing, but not the Ukraine thing. The global warming thing, but not the nuclear winter thing, since CBC removed every trace of that from their website and history. The hardest thing I have ever tried to get, is one of the hundreds of hours of Canadian fruit fly geneticist, David Suzuki, talking endlessly on CBC about nuclear winter. The idea that Western industrial activity like, well making things and generating wealth, would mimic the effect of a massive nuclear war and bring the world into an ice age and freeze us all. That was of course before a brief hiatus when he came back with the same cause, but the CO2 generated would boil us all.

At the end of the day, we all end up in our own little cell on a grid. Isolated from everyone else. Waiting for our digital passport, and maybe chatting or fantasizing sex with the digital companions that Twitter advertises in every 5th tweet.

“And the state shall be unto like a God that bestrides the land.” -Hegel

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Canadian artist and counter-jihad and freedom of speech activist as well as devout Schrödinger's catholic

10 Replies to “Quebec Minister Dube, wearing Ukraine Pin, explains how they want to keep the covid powers: Links 1, March 16, 2022”

  1. “…and so on and so on till each person is mad at every other person because they don’t see eye to eye on every single issue.”

    .Micromanagement. Only Collectivists do this

    In reality, an honest alcoholic is better than a dhimmi. For the first is consistent, and the other changes wherever the winds of totalitarianism blow. One day your neighbor who was friendly for years, now wishes to steal your life, for peace.

    So have a robust opinion. Have a backbone. Defend it, by not being upset, but by having the better rationale.

    I spoke with two men on a walk a few days ago. The muslim believed Allah brought people into and out of his life. The Spiritualist believed the Dead communicated with him. Two opposing narcissistic attachments to life. One from the fruits of Heaven, and the other from the fruits of the Earth. On other matters, like abortion, they may be in total agreement.

    This appears to be the Protestant-Catholic, Sunni-Shia, Pharisee-Sadducee split of two brain hemispheres. One is just more dominant. They like to deal with Order or they like to deal with Chaos, to survive. If mono-brained, and not hear the other, is to naturally panic. The fatherless turn to God. The motherless turn to the Mother State. No love to inherit, leaves a yearning crying out to be filled. And a hustler to fill it.

    The One True Bible, is just a looped-recording; and Ground Zero a repeating fresh start.

    It was like listening to a left-brain rationalist next to a right-brain rationalist. A maled next to a femaled. A man-woman relationship. Insight and Intuition, Buddhist and Hindu. And I was their referee. The Peacemaker.

    Today, there was no one coming down the mountain and killing golden calf worshipers. And there are no golden calf worshipers putting mountain dwellers into concentration camps.

    So, I guess, it’s take Vlad’s very rare opportunity to be eclectic, to widen your knowledge, to share your opinions, to learn discernment, or retreat into the echo chambers of comfortable ignorance (which news outlets cater for).

    islam, Communism and Sexualism are born out of resentment and submission to pride. They serve masters far more evil than themselves, so that they can copy and never feel condemned or guilty.

    Truth hurts. It takes repentance and forgiveness to remove that ‘thorn of pain for a sense of life,’ that people prefer to live with. With the distraction of being upset everyday, to avoid achieving anything that makes them stand out and be unique.

    Let us agree to disagree.

  2. The Greeks (some of them at least) taught that the emotions are like wild horses pulling a chariot, and the intellect is like the charioteer holding the reins, steering them in the right direction. I find that comparison to be very useful.

  3. I’ve lost all sense of time – was that last year or 3 years ago? when we sell our home in a couple years or 10. an article I read yesterday or, wait, was it last week? – and my husband said this morning, “they want to impose daylight saving times permanently” or was that yesterday and today I read it in a link I saw on Maggie’s Farm.

    Therefore, I cannot remember how long I’ve been dropping by Vladtepesblog. It feels like it’s been always. But this much I know is true: the daily-changing photos on your masthead are breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you.

    In response to the observation ever increasing divisions emerging through external imposition of self-identifiers (is that an oxymoron? of course! we need a new word “youentity”) I am marveling at the strange coalescence of characters on the internet comment pages. For instance – and I beg forgiveness if this feels like a “calling out” to the avatars (in front of very real people) – an article on Lifesite today had comments from “Michael Paterson-Seymour” and “St. JD George”. I remember them from years ago (time is fogged) when The Catholic Thing had Discus comments and would engage with them. Sadly, when they went to Facebook-only comments I could not engage because I didn’t have an account. I also nuked my Discus account a few years back (very satisfying to “cancel” oneself digitally) and so wherever they use it I can only read. But I continue to see so many familiar names on many different sites and cannot deny a real desire to know and engage many of these people in time that is considered “now” and in “reality” where hot coffee or other human emotional bonding substance is on the offer.

    On that note, I can thank Our Lord for his Holy Communion and the Blessed Sacrament which brings that very bond to us and I can hope to recognize every single “virtual” brother or sister I encounter so unsatisfactorily in digital communication.

    But must add. It is so bazaar how the varied places I go I continue to encounter these people. Was it yesterday that El Cato Malo encouraged “everyone” to essentially chill out and a comment paraphrased was “I wish we could all get together for a barbeque”. That is a desire I share. I keep trying to convince myself there are a lot of “us” who have kept our feet on the ground throughout the last couple decades of the roller coaster of complete social, moral, cultural, and now, governmental malformation but I cannot be sure of the numbers anymore than I can of time.

    I am also beginning to challenge my self to wonder if the purported algorithms haven’t been very deliberate in pushing us together into a manageable “digital ghetto” in order to keep a better eye on us. I have wondered if my natural curiosity hasn’t been externally steered into places wherein I will read information that confirms precisely what that guy – Schwab’s funny-named friend who explains on clips of videos we have all viewed because everything above – said, essentially “there is really no free-will and we are fools to think we have it” or something malevolent like that.

    Anyway, I am glad to be amongst the “no’s” as I call us. I wish there was a secret symbol that we could bear so as to recognize one another in the world that we are mere viators in.

    • I too would like to sit down to coffee or a barbecue with like minded souls…and yet…5 minutes into the conversation would I find that we were not as like minded as I first thought.
      I’ve had the experience more than a few times of getting along famously with someone and then out of nowhere they drop a comment that makes me realize, well no, we’re not quite on the same page after all. Was it always that way? I suspect so, but it’s been exacerbated by the fact that today we have more ways of communicating and with travel and immigration we’re not as homogenous as we used to be. All this talk, it’s enough to make one’s head spin and a constant emotional roller coaster. (Hence my comment above).
      As one writer said (quoting freely), today I’m positively enraged about something I knew nothing about yesterday.
      We’re all looking for home – a soft place to lay our weary heads – but all this turmoil is a reminder that this earth is only our temporary home, we are exiles in this vale of tears as one prayer teaches us, or strangers in a foreign land. We are made for better things and our true home is in heaven. And as someone remarked, we are a long time dead. So we should make sure that we are on the right path.
      Perhaps in the meantime as we search for Truth PC has it right, we will have to agree to disagree, otherwise we are either going to be very lonely indeed and/or in a constant state of war.
      So yes, bring on the coffee and the barbecues, let’s take a break. Spring is just around the corner.

  4. ITEM 6: QUEBEC – The Emergency Measures Act ends on December 31, 2022.
    Therefore, they can still stop at will any person for any reason related to the word Covid and obtain all information necessary from that person.

  5. ITEM 4: My heart goes out to the truckers who have lost so much, including those who have had their trucks intentionally damaged, and there’s nobody to help them out financially re the repairs and lawyer’s fees.

  6. Well said, Eeyore. United we stand, divided we fall. It is imperative that we unite around those ideas that we, the people, all hold dear, like freedom of speech and expression, the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  7. The demon Mara challenged a Buddhist nun who was meditating, declaring that no woman can ever become enlightened.

    She said, ‘you must be Mara, for you think I identify with being a woman’

    As told to me by a Buddhist devotee.

    “Buddhism faced one of its greatest challenges during the twentieth century when the majority of Asian nations, which were traditionally Buddhist, became involved with communism”

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