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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. A man diagnosed to be paranoid schizophrenic, killed three elderly men for being pedophiles.

    “The court heard that he did not know at the time of the killings that what he was doing was wrong.

    The jury were told that his state of mind was so disturbed that he wrongly believed the elderly men, who he had never met, were paedophiles.”

    Did he really care about the children? Do any research? No.

    There was a conspiracy he believed – that directly attacked him. When the preemptive strike is done, it is safer. If he were muslim, kill the kufar. Communist, kill the Capitalist. Sexual, kill the cis-gender.

    At the moment the borders are narrowing into a paper thin wall. The West’s Narrative that sex with children is evil whilst casual sex between adults, is Rainbow-children teaching, good.

    Some intellectual ancient Greeks agreed:
    “The answer is the philosophy of the Athenian Plato. He has painted a very remarkable picture of his teacher Socrates, who is shown – in Plato’s own words – as boy crazy. When Socrates was in the company of beautiful boys, he lost his senses. Some sort of mania (divine madness) took possession of him and he was almost unable to resist it”

    “…for Plato, the only type of real love is the love between two men, and he has dedicated two of his dialogues to that subject: the Symposium and the Phaedrus. After all, homo-erotic love is related to education and gaining knowledge, and this makes it superior to other types of love.”

    After the murders and not getting the applause he felt he deserved, he blamed the Health Service that he was not stopped.

    If judging the love of Pederasts and Pedophiles, was a Hate Crime, then three men would be alive today. To give this Identity as a Preferential Characteristic saves lives.

    Then see where the paranoid schizophrenic goes next. A tale of the prevailing Culture getting into their heads.

    • Why does an egotistical society cause the breakdown of the mind and inspire such paranoid schizophrenic wraths onto those deemed by people as deplorables or subhumans? These Stasi or NAZI constructs respectively projecting attributes the other socialist onto normal people as beneath them?

      Because socialists are not rational. A master’s voice dictates how they think. Their laws have part 1 and part 2. What the Citizen can do, superceded by what the government can do. It’s all a national emergency.

      Such a fatherless mind, without independent, sovereign and unalienable rights, implodes with the double-think they are forced to lie themselves into. A woman trapped in a man’s body. Death becomes life. Killing their way out for peace or killing themselves.

      islam, Communism or Sexualism. God, Mankind or Clone.

      They wait at desks for the freshmen to arrive.

      Big Governments.

    • “…if you fear the fickleness of friendship… A quarrel might be a mutual calamity.. you will have more reason in being afraid of the lover, for his vexations are many, and he is always fancying that every one is leagued against him.”

      “Further, I say that you are likely to be improved by me, whereas the lover will spoil you.”

      “But if you listen to me, in the first place, I, in my intercourse with you, shall not merely regard present enjoyment, but also future advantage, being not mastered by love, …”

      Who needs Subs, (International Lovers) when you have the seduction of masterful Doms (National Lovers)

      The rape of innocence, turned into paranoid schizophrenics.

  2. How does it feel to be vindicated?

    Depressing and demoralizing. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Robert W Malone MD, MS

    Et tu, Brute?

    What a week. It started with a trip to Palm Beach to meet with Florida Surgeon General Joe Ladapo and Governor Ron DeSantis (big success), then a quick turnaround to testify with the Tennessee state legislature regarding COVID legislation (partial success), then addressing questions regarding the Ukraine Biolab situation with Glen Beck, then a meeting with opinion leader Dr. David Martin, and finishing up with dinner with heroic local physician (and cattle rancher) Dr. Brooke Miller and his wife Ann, who works as a Nurse Practitioner. Next week it is off to my childhood home Santa Barbara for another rally – Stand UP Santa Barbara. All supporting the mission of stopping mandated SARS-CoV-2 genetic vaccination of our children.

    I am exhausted. Which is why Jill and I took a day off from writing a substack article yesterday.

    I am exhausted. Which is why Jill and I took a day off from writing a substack article yesterday.

    Well, I suppose that it is a win that the HHS bureaucrat’s and their many paid enablers are not just backslapping and giving each other medals over how well they have managed COVID-19. At least not yet.

    But we do have a modicum of chatty condescending acknowledgment of mistakes made by Drs. Rochelle Walensky (Director, CDC) and Paul Offit (notoriously smug co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine, Maurice R. Hilleman Professor of Vaccinology, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania. Former member of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices).

    An excellent commentary summarizing the stunning self-owning admissions of incompetence and culpability for massive unnecessary loss of life has been provided by Thomas Harrington writing for the Brownstone Institute, entitled “Drs. Walensky and Offit: It’s All in Good Fun”. Personally, I can hardly bear to watch their breezy smugness as they casually chat with friends. I am reminded of the famous Hannah Arendt phrase “the banality of evil”. Mr. Harrington points to a series of clips of the Walensky interview compiled by Phil Kerpen (unfortunately on Twitter), and another excellent thread by Alexandros Marinos focusing on the self-amused Dr. Offit. Quoting from Alex-

    “How was the decision made to ignore immunity from prior infection?

    In this clip, Paul Offit describes how he and another person advised in favor of accepting natural immunity, while two others voted against it. A thread on why that was possibly the worst decision of the pandemic:”

    I recommend both of those abridged versions of the interviews for those (like me) who just cannot stomach the full interviews. I strongly recommend that you read Mr. Harrington’s succinct summary, particularly including the following three paragraphs, which nicely summarize my feelings about the situation.

    “All those moves to censor and professionally destroy those who had opinions different from the CDC, actions rooted precisely in the presumption that science is, in fact, black and white, and that those who get it wrong need to be professionally punished, well, that’s all a figment of your primitive imagination.

    Or as Harold Pinter put it in his Nobel Prize speech when referring to the US penchant for wantonly destroying other cultures, “It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t happening. It didn’t matter. It was of no interest.”

    So yes, excessive psychic detachment turns fellow human beings into self-referential objects or our own minds can be rather problematic. Indeed, I think, though I can’t be sure, that psychologists even have a term for it: psychopathy.”

    Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Anthony Fauci, Rochelle Walensky , Paul Offit, Janet Woodcock, Rick Bright, Jessica Cecil and her Trusted News Initiative. Don’t forget these names. They should live in infamy. And they all share a common personality profile.

    I have been getting the question “How does it feel to be vindicated?”

    Dr. Jill (Glasspool-Malone) keeps noodling me to write a piece describing my feelings on this topic. Personally, I dislike focusing on the psychology of how these last two years have impacted on me (and us). Much as I am very wary of the “cult of personality” aspect of my newfound fame. I have not spoken out because I sought attention, I have done this because it was the right thing to do, and I seemed to have a unique window of opportunity to speak for those whose voices were so actively suppressed. But I certainly have had to take hits for it. The slander, defamation, gaslighting, and globally coordinated character assassination have been non-stop. But as time has gone by, and more and more has been revealed about the hidden hands that seek to manage what we are allowed to hear, see, and think, I have been transformed.

    The biomedical world that I thought I was living in has been revealed to be a sham. The legitimacy of the industry and discipline that I have committed my entire professional life to is in shambles. I am now embarrassed to call myself a vaccines and biodefense expert, because the fundamental corruption inherent in those domains has been so clearly revealed. I cannot unsee what I have seen. I cannot recapture all of those years spent in a profoundly corrupt academic system, spent supporting a deeply compromised discipline which appears primarily driven by financial interests rather than by what I had naively believed was a commitment to saving lives. I chose to not pursue the careers of my father and father in law, which were spent building weapons of war. Only to find that I had inadvertently played a significant role in enabling one of the most tragic medical follies in the history of man.

    When first asked how it feels to be vindicated, I did not know what to say. It feels a long, long way from vindication. Those directly responsible are unlikely to face any form of reckoning. And rather than remorse, they seem to find the whole thing amusing. The unnecessary lives lost, the destruction of faith in the public health enterprise, vaccines in general, the entire medical/hospital system, the US Department of Health and Human Services, and government in general. Ha ha. Oh well, not our fault. Just the way things are.

    I looked inwards, deep into my heart and soul, and asked the question. How does it feel? Demoralizing and depressing. I experience absolutely no pleasure whatsoever in seeing my worst fears come to pass, and in having accurately predicted so many things during the last two years. Jill and I have put everything on the line. Parked our lives, our farm, our family, in a sustained effort to try to save lives and help average people understand what was going on, what the actual “Science” was, and to try to help people to think through the issues. Going back to ground zero, to try to enable “informed consent” in a time where that fundamental bedrock of medical ethics was thrown into the dumpster. We have experienced extraordinary efforts to delegitimize us, to re-write history, to deny us credit for intellectual and technical contributions, to slander and defame. They have destroyed the consulting business that we had built up together over decades. We have drained ourselves with the constant travel and stress of the speaking engagements. A constant stream of podcasts (up to nine per day) as a way to break through the wall of globally coordinated censorship and propaganda. I have been labeled a “right wing extremist” and “Nazi”.

    Here is a little story about Santa Barbara. I left my job as a carpenter and attended Santa Barbara City College between 1980 and 1982, graduating with straight A’s as President of the Student Council. This was made possible in part by financial assistance from the Santa Barbara Foundation. When invited to come speak by Stand Up SB in Santa Barbara regarding COVID, I suggested it would be nice to do a fundraiser for the Santa Barbara Foundation. An opportunity to give back to the community and organization that had made my journey from carpenter and orchard farmhand to physician/scientist possible. Upon being contacted, the foundation decided that they did not want to receive any support from a far-right wing person such as myself. Et tu, Brute? This is an example of the price that has had to be paid.

    And we would do it again in a heartbeat. Because it has been the right thing to do. And we found ourselves in a position where we had a chance to make a difference. We have made new friends all over the world. I now have a very different worldview than I had two years ago. I have no regrets. But I take no pleasure in the thing.

  3. the gateway pundit – Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Sunday said a fourth Covid jab is “necessary.”

    “It is necessary – a fourth boost – right now,” Bourla told “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan.

    “The protection that you are getting from the third — it is good enough, actually quite good for hospitalizations and deaths,” he said. “It’s not that good against infections, but doesn’t last very long but we are just submitting those data to the FDA and then we will see what the experts also will say outside Pfizer.”

    What he really means is the fourth jab is necessary for a stock boost.

    1 min 02 video

    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla interview with Margaret Brennan – 4th dose required and yearly boost also

  4. MARCH 14 2022 -Pfizer CEO: The emergence of a new COVID-19 variant is ’a likely scenario’

    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla spoke with Yahoo Finance’s Julie Hyman at South by Southwest about the coronavirus pandemic, vaccine fatigue, boosters, Russia, Ukraine, the company outlook and more.

  5. npr – Stroke rates are increasing among young people. Here’s what you need to know

    Over the weekend, the model Hailey Bieber told her Instagram followers that she experienced stroke-like symptoms while at breakfast with her husband Thursday morning.

    Doctors found a small clot in her brain, she said, which caused “a small lack of oxygen.” Bieber said on Instagram that her body passed the clot on its own, and she recovered within a few hours.

    Though Bieber recovered in her case, blood clots in the brain can lead to ischemic strokes, which make up a majority of all strokes. And among young people, stroke rates are on the rise. Here’s what you need to know.

    There are three main stroke types

    Ischemic strokes happen when blood flow is blocked through an artery that delivers blood to the brain. These strokes account for the vast majority of all strokes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Transient ischemic attacks, which are sometimes called “mini-strokes,” are different than ischemic strokes because these strokes only block blood flow from the brain for a short period of time — often, as short as five minutes. Like ischemic strokes, these strokes are also often caused by blood clots.

    Although these are short-lived, transient ischemic attacks warn of future strokes and are medical emergencies. More than a third of people who experience these do not receive treatment and have a major stroke within a year, according to the CDC.

    Hemorrhagic strokes are another type of stroke, which occur when an artery in the brain leaks blood or ruptures. The leaked blood puts pressure on brain cells and damages them. High blood pressure and aneurysms can cause these strokes, the CDC says.

    More young people are having strokes

    Over the past 30 years, stroke incidence among adults 49 and younger has continued to increase in southern states and the Midwest, the American Heart Association said in February. Rates have declined for those older than 75.

    “We hope that targeted public health interventions will be considered for younger populations particularly in the regions where stroke incidence is increasing,” said Audrey C. Leasure, lead study author and a medical student at Yale University School of Medicine. “When we think about ways to improve these stroke numbers, we need to develop tailored interventions.”

    The findings stemmed from the Global Burden of Disease 2019 study, which is a peer-reviewed, large-scale assessment of global health trends. In 2019, there were 460,000 strokes — two-thirds of which were ischemic.

    On average, someone died of stroke every 3 minutes and 30 seconds in 2016, according to the American Heart Association. Stroke risk factors, such as high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes, are becoming more common in younger and middle-aged people.

    Other risk factors include heart disease, diabetes, obesity, smoking and high cholesterol, according to Johns Hopkins University.

    Stroke risk increases with age, and African Americans are at a higher risk for death and disability from stroke than white people, according to Johns Hopkins.

    Know the signs

    Stroke symptoms can be summed in an acronym: BE FAST, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

    Neurologist Dr. Blake Buletko recommends being familiar with the signs, because you should “never assume you’re exempt from having a stroke,” he says.

    Balance: Watch out for a sudden loss of balance or coordination.
    Eyes: Note any vision loss in one or both eyes, or double vision
    Face: Watch for drooping on one side of the face.
    Arms: Note any sudden weakness in an arm or leg.
    Speech: Note any slurred speech, or difficulty speaking or understanding words
    Time: Call 911 quickly if someone is experiencing any of these symptoms.

  6. the gateway pundit – This Is Big: Naomi Wolf Confirms Big Pharma Was Adding Varying Amounts of Active Ingredient to Batches of COVID Vaccine (VIDEO)

    Former Clinton adviser and COVID Vaccine critic Naomi Wolf joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Monday morning.

    Naomi shared her latest bombshell from her investigation into the Pfizer vaccine documents released by the US government on their COVID vaccine testing.

    Naomi’s team of investigators, doctors and attorneys identified several US government documents that confirm that Pfizer was adding varying amounts of active ingredient to their experimental COVID vaccines.

    According to the data, the range of dangerous active ingredient went from 3?g, to 10?g, to 30?g, to 100?g depending on the batch they happened to inject you with.

    As Naomi mentioned, this ties in directly with the website “How Bad Is My Batch” that was created so you could track how many adverse reaction incidents were linked to the vaccine batch you were given.

    Now there is proof via AMA documents that they are distributing different doses of the active ingredient in the COVID vaccines based on batch number.

    What the hell?

    video :

    Naomi Wolf Confirms Big Pharma Used Different Batches with Varying Amts of Dosages


  7. FOX NEWS – NATO country calls for Ukraine no-fly zone as UN leader urges caution: LIVE UPDATES

    Estonia’s parliament on Monday is calling for the creation of a no-fly zone in Ukraine as Russian attacks continue throughout the country.


    Congress eyes MiG-29 fighter jet transfer as next White House pressure point

    A growing and bipartisan group in Congress is pushing President Biden to facilitate the transfer of Poland’s MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine amid Russia’s brutal invasion, despite statements by the U.S. military that such a move would be high-risk, low-reward.

    The White House is leaning on that position from the military in its opposition to providing the jets, including that Ukraine does not really need the aircraft. But Biden already ceded to pressure from Congress to take a tougher stance against Russia multiple times since the war started. And dozens more members from both parties Sunday called on the president to help Ukraine get its hands on the Polish fighter jets President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is petitioning for.

    “We, the 58 members of the Problem Solvers Caucus, urge continued U.S. commitment to the sovereignty of Ukraine and the freedom of the Ukrainian people in the face of Russia’s ongoing invasion,” the moderate, bipartisan House Problem Solvers Caucus (PSC) said Sunday. “We strongly believe that the U.S. must provide additional defense materiel to Ukrainians protecting their nation.”

    The PSC went on to call on Biden to help give the Ukrainians Stinger missiles, drones and Soviet-era MiG-29 fighter jets that Poland is offering to send to Ukraine


    yahoo – Fears three British ex-special forces troops killed in Russian attack near Polish border

    Three British ex-special forces troops are feared to have been killed in the Russian attack on a base close to the Polish border, according to reports.

    They are said to have died after Vladimir Putin’s forces launched a series of missile blasts on the Yavoriv site on Sunday, the Daily Mirror reports.

    Sources told the newspaper that the strikes may have killed over 100 people. The Standard has approached the Foreign Office for comment.

    A source said: “There were many more killed within the site than has been claimed and bodies are still being found.”

    It comes as a fourth round of talks between Ukraine and Russia on Monday will focus on achieving a ceasefire, troop withdrawals and security guarantees for Ukraine, a Ukrainian negotiator said.

    Mykhailo Podolyak said: “Negotiations. 4th round. On peace, ceasefire, immediate withdrawal of troops & security guarantees. Hard discussion,” he wrote, adding that he believed Russia “still has a delusion that 19 days of violence against (Ukrainian) peaceful cities is the right strategy.”

    A Russian delegate, Leonid Slutsky, was quoted by the RIA news agency saying significant progress had been made and it was possible the delegations could soon reach draft agreements.

    Chechens near Kiev

  8. ctv – Quebec dad spearheads ‘immunoclip’ face mask campaign to honour late daughter

    Face masks may no longer be mandatory in certain places next month in Quebec, but one father is hoping to make the experience a little less confrontational for some of those who choose to still wear them.

    Louis Sansfaçon, who lost his 31-year-old daughter to cancer, is spearheading a campaign to make clips with the letter “i” on them to attach them to masks specifically for immunocompromised people.

    The idea is to signal to others to keep their distance and that the person wearing it or their loved one is medically vulnerable.

    […]The red “i” clips easily onto the side of a face mask. The “immunoclip” costs $6.50 and all proceeds go to the Association des Patients Immunodéficients du Québec, a non-profit organization that supports people who are immunocompromised and their families.

    […]So far, the idea seems to be resonating. He said he received more than 3,000 requests for the clips on Monday following recent media coverage from people all over Canada and even from people as far away as France.

    […]Quebec said it is taking a “weigh your own risk” approach in lifting the face mask mandate in “mid-April” if the epidemiological situation continues to improve. No specific date has been announced.

    Interim public health director Dr. Luc Boileau told a news conference in March that it would be “impossible to ask a population of 8.5 million” to continue to mask indefinitely for a small minority who might still be at risk.

    He said at the time the province has a slew of other tools that will help the medically vulnerable, including the roll-out of a fourth dose of the vaccine and that everyone in medical settings will still wear masks.

    CBC – In honour of his daughter, Quebec man creates logo for immunocompromised people to wear on masks

    Attachment with letter ‘I’ lets people know to keep their distance, not make people feel isolated

    […]the “immunoclip,” a small plastic attachment with a red “I” on it designed to be hung on the side of a mask.

    […]He says the decision to keep wearing masks isn’t a question of looks or a political statement for immunocompromised people, “it’s a question of staying healthy.”

    […]Michel Pronovost, a microbiologist, has been immunocompromised for nearly six years. He says he jumped at the chance to order an immunoclip when he heard about it, adding that the logo makes him feel safer.

    “What I hope is that the people will think that the “I” means that it’s important to protect me, to stay away, to respect me because I’m at risk, so I think it’s a good idea,” he said.


    Montreal Gazette – Two metres, please: Red ‘Immunoclip’ designed to protect immunocompromised people

    […]Some immunocompromised Quebecers are making their vulnerability to viruses known by clipping a bright red letter I to their masks.

    […]“People who are immunocompromised because they are suffering from cancer or another disease can now count on a symbolic indicator to inform people of their condition at a glance,” the Fondation du CHU de Québec wrote on its website.

    “The pin … is an indicator that this person is more vulnerable to viruses and that it is necessary to respect a distance of two metres from them in order to protect them. It’s kind of a call for vigilance.”


    CBC – Is it too soon to drop COVID-19 mask mandates?

    … and what advice they have for parents concerned about what it means for their kids.

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