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5 Replies to “Oliver Stone: Ukraine on Fire from 2016”

  1. It’s infuriating, Google and MSM are shutting down all access to all information for Oliver Stone’s related videos and other pro-Russia videos, other than the Global Narrative. And with the power of iCell phone towers, more info is suppressed.

    We tell them BEWARE of what is happening in Ukraine. Putin will save us should be survive and win.

    People think that because they have no iPhone, they won’t be targeted by Digital. What a mistake. To get a driver’s license, and all stuff government, the digital print is there.

    ME: we thought Sharia was a problem. Now, what is the real problem? Will Sharia join with us in our fight against the One World Order? I haven’t seen it. And what about the Jews? I haven’t seen it.

  2. HOW BAD IS IT ??

    “Chelsea are in turmoil after owner Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the UK over his links to Vladimir Putin, plunging the club’s future into doubt.

    The dramatic news on Thursday effectively means the Russian-born billionaire oligarch can no longer press ahead with selling the club.

    Could £900m Nike deal be the nail in Chelsea’s coffin? Club could go bust in WEEKS after sanctions on Oligarch owner Roman Abramovich left Blues unable to sell tickets or merchandise, with £40m shirt deal AXED and staff laid off

    Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich saw his assets frozen, throwing the pending sale of the club into disarray
    British property tycoon Nick Candy remains interested, while bidders are preparing bids in excess of £2billion
    Shirt sponsors Three suspended £40million deal with the club, while Nike consider ending their agreements
    Blues chiefs held talks with Government to lessen the impact of stringent restrictions placed on the club
    Chelsea were told they cannot renew contracts or sign any new players


  3. My problem with this film is that Stone initially moves through the history of Ukraine but do not mention the mass hunger inflicted by the communists in the early 30s…at all.
    This mass hunger left several million dead and killed people in Russia as well as Ukraine but the latter have their own name for it, they call it the «Holodomor».
    This and other communist crimes was the main reason why so many ukrainians saw the german invaders of -41 as liberators at least initially…
    When Stone leaves this out I suspect that the old lefty simply can´t stand to present the slightest argument as to why this might be so and rather brush the stalinist tyranny under the (red?) carpet.

    Anyway, the MSM are moving from seeing nazis behind every corner to denying that they (national socialists, mostly of the strasserite type) have their own armed groups in Ukraine and that they are supported by the government. If not denying they are minimizing their sthrenght in numbers as if it really matters.

    …and the russians are sending chechens to kill ukrainians, this is maximum bad optics and I suppose it is done because of military expedience, that they can be used in ways that young russian conscripts might not.

    Here in Norway there are reports of children with russian backgrounds being bullied at school, at least the MSM are stil presenting this as something bad…

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