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7 Replies to “Zelensky folds, agrees to reject NATO”

  1. europravda – The EU has a ‘moral duty’ to make Ukraine a member state: Estonia PM

    Kaja Kallas also called for the EU to invest in military technology and be willing to intervene militarily to prevent Russian aggression.

    The European Union has a “moral duty” to make Ukraine a member state and should consider using military force to counter Russian aggression, according to Kaja Kallas, the prime minister of Estonia.

    The EU has a ‘moral duty’ to make Ukraine a member state: Estonia PM.

  2. Actually I would say Brad Johnson got it wrong. Most geopolitical analysts had the same opinion prior to full-scale invasion. They were all taken by surprise by Russia’s moves in force. The assumptions Johnson made led him to the conclusion Russia would not invade – they did. That assumption was essentially based on the fact that Russia wanted control over Crimea and Donbas – which they had without invading Ukraine proper.

    At this time, the Russian are on the precipice of being totally cutoff from the sea, once Odessa falls. Those same geopolitical analysts (Friedman, Zeihan, etc) that didn’t think Putin would invade, are now seriously thinking the next target will be Moldova, and then Romania. Others are worried about the Sulwalki Gap.

    Zeihan’s argument is that due to massive demographic decline, the only way to reduce the size of the borders they need to defend, is ironically, by expanding. The theory assumes Russia wants to expand until it only has to exert control over 9 critical topographical gaps, which reduces their exposure to ~600 miles in the West.

  3. At about the 8:30 mark he mentions that Biden is trying to negotiate with Venezuela, Iran, and Saudi Arabia for more oil. Last I heard, Venezuela wants high prices, Iran wants all sanctions dropped first so they can go nuclear on Israel, and Saudi Arabia literally will not even take phone calls from Biden. Nobody is willing to step up oil production. Not even US shale oil producers agreed to step up production because Biden hurt their businesses beginning on the first day he was in office. FJB indeed!

    I know the US economy is about to crash, but I still find humor in the corner Biden’s team has painted themselves into. Once things really hit the fan, I expect the public to hunt down and neutralize all the globalist parasites and their collaborators.

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