A list of bills proposed in the Canadian legislature. Any help on this appreciated

Canada has a large number of bills before the legislature, each one of which is, let’s say as an exercise in understatement, problematic for democracy.

I have not had a chance to bet these bills yet or read them or do any kind of proper investigation. It would be great if readers of this site where to grab one of the ones listed here and check it out and leave a comment under this post about what they have found about it. Probably the only way we can know about the specific evil facing Canada under Trudeau is by a crowd of people looking into each planned menace.

And of course, Trudeau himself that seems to know it full well:

These, I am told, are all bills before the legislature now.

Bill C10/11

The following is more fleshed out information that I recieved. Again, I have NOT vetted any of this. I am hoping readers of this site are already familiar with one or more of these bills, or are willing to pick one and do some research. I would suggest Duckduckgo rather than google, and I would use it on Brave Browser though.

This is from: ourcommons.ca
Canada’s House of Commons website.

Take a look at what the government is working on changing, amending, passing, rewriting….


Bill S-233 is interesting
An act ti develop a guaranteed livable basic income

Bill S-232
An act respecting the decriminalization of illegal controlled substances and drugs

Bill S-231
An act to amend the Criminal Code, Criminal records act, National Defense Act and the DNA database act

An act to amend Constitution Act 1867 and the Parliament of Canada Act (speaker of Senate)

An act to amend the prohibiting of cluster munitions ( investments)

An act to amend the Criminal code
(Trafficking in persons)

An act in regards to gender equality

Repeal regulations and to make consequential amendments to other acts

Repurposing of certain Seized , frozen or sequestered assets

Amend the Criminal code of judiciary

Respecting declaration essential role of artist creative expression in Canada

Canada’s election regulation adapting for purposes of referendum

An act to amend the Criminal code and identification of criminals act related amendment (covid 19 response)


None of this seems unlikely given C-17 which criminalizes talking children out of sterilizing and mutilating surgeries and chemical procedures on the basis of “gender confusion” but does not make it a crime to talk children into these procedures.

Then we have bill C-36, which has the same name as a more or less reasonable bill on prostitution, but when you find the real one they care about, its a death blow to freedom of speech online and off.

As I understand it, Bill C-36 also criminalizes truth, and criminalizes thought in the future, so that a person is guilty of a criminal offence for something they say that might cause someone else to feel a certain way, the thing being true or not. And of course it will be nothing more or less than a dialectic weapon. After all, you will still be able to say things true and false that create hatred of Nazis, or white males, or the enemy de jour in 1984 fashion. So C-36 isn’t even what it says it is.

What it will be, is a gattling gun for the government only, to use in mass line narrative attacks and lines of effort, to target people not sufficiently obedient to the narrative of the day, and give a rubber stamp to whatever punishment they see fit to apply. Like freezing bank accounts with no due process. Or more likely, once people learn a work around for that, something more physical.

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  1. . RE: siezing bank accounts. bank accounts and assets of peacefull protesters were siezed by the same banks your money is in. this can happen to you. the banks followed trudeaus instructions without even a thought of what this really meant. next it could be your account, your car, your house. time to take a stand..

  2. a guaranteed income means communism pure and simple. no matter what it’s called. next it will be guaranteed housing, then guaranteed transportation etc. the government will control your life. step out of line and your income is gone, your mode of transportation is gone your home is gone. this is not a conspiricy it’s the future if you don’t take a stand now.

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