All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for March 2, 2022

This opening clip with retired Colonel, Doug Macgregor on Tucker Carlson seems the best way to open this post.

Someone a lot smarter than I am recently told me that one should be careful paying attention to the Ukraine Russia conflict, as it was in fact, just an extension of Covid-Vaxx-Global Warming and all the other mostly phoney issues being used to create a great reset. That reset of course, means the end of the individual. Both as a thing of value, and as a person possessed of rights worthy of protection.

The following story from the Czech republic may be a data point for that. They are threatening to jail people for three years for “supporting Russia”, but will not say if that includes speaking truths about NATO incursions or Ukrainian abuse of the people in Donbas. Truth, as we learned from OSCE sessions many years ago now in Poland, is hate speech, when it reflects badly on communist policies.

“We record dozens of comments in internet discussions approving the Russian invasion and the activities of the Russian army. We closely monitor the Internet environment,” the Czech police underscored in a post on their official Twitter account.

Czech public radio broadcaster Radio Prague International observed in a report on the warning that such crimes carry a penalty of up to three years in prison, but noted that St?íž had conceded that bringing charges could be complicated — leaving it unclear whether someone might be open to prosecution for merely questioning NATO’s eastward expansion, the West’s decision to back the Euromaidan coup in 2014, or the extent to which claims the Ukrainian government has mistreated civilians in Donbas might be true.

Interview with Ukrainian woman in 3 parts from French TV


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  1. Several Zhytomyr residents killed, 16 injured in aftermath of shelling

    At least two people were killed and 16 were injured in aftermath of shelling in the Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr, according to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine

    The footage released on Wednesday shows damaged houses and streets with debris piled together with wooden boards, and emergency workers clearing away the debris.

  2. CNN – Is Ukraine losing the war? See former CIA director’s answer

    Petraeus explains what factors could lead to Russia losing the war in Ukraine.

  3. ctv news – Parenting expert on how to talk to your kids about Ukraine

    Parenting expert Alyson Schafer discusses how to talk to a child about the ongoing crises in Ukraine.

    • Canadian Hockey League (CHL) bans 16- and 17-year old hockey players of Russian ancestry from playing in the league. The announcement was scheduled for 03h00 pm today. I saw it on Twitter and was shocked to see how many people agreed with it.

      We live in a truly nasty world where emotions easily overcome common sense.

      • “Canadian Hockey League (CHL) bans 16- and 17-year old hockey players of Russian ancestry from playing in the league”

        Republicanism treats every person equal under the law.

        Socialism is racism. The Kinsey Scale of Preferences. Looking without seeing.

  4. europravda – ‘Ukrainians go first’: How black and brown people are struggling to escape the Russian invasion

    • ROFL

      The East is not a woke place.

      Fun factoid: Racism, and all the CRT variants, are constructs of privileged Anglo-Saxon and Euro progressive patriarchy. Racism literally does not exist, or is a loan word with no real meaning in most of the world. Ethnic, tribal, religious, class and racial elitism are core beliefs of tribalist societies.
      So dey like de kaffir about as much as a limousine liberal does. It may be cold outside, baby; but it’s no country for snowflakes.

  5. Military helicopters escort units of Russian Armed Forces amid offensive

    Military helicopters escorted units of the Russian Armed Forces amid Russia’s ongoing military offensive in Ukraine, as shown in footage released by the Russian Ministry of Defence on Wednesday.

  6. Pyshchevyk village shows traces of combat as DPR forces take control

    Damaged houses and vehicles were filmed in the village of Pyshchevyk on Tuesday, as it was reported that the forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic have taken control of it.

    Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced taking control of the city of Kherson and 11 other settlements.

  7. AUSTRALIA – TV doctor Norman Swan says Russian soldiers, Ukrainians at risk of fresh Covid-19 outbreak

    The ABC’s Dr Norman Swan has delivered a fresh take on the Russia-Ukraine war, but it hasn’t gone down too well.

    The ABC’s Dr Norman Swan says Russian soldiers and Ukrainians are both at risk from more than war — warning of a fresh Covid-19 outbreak.

    The two countries are in the midst of the most serious international conflict since Iraq after Russia last week executed long-held plans to invade its western neighbour under the guise of “special military operations”.

    Disturbing scenes have followed, including shelling in Ukraine’s two largest cities. Hundreds of civilian casualties are being reported from the war zone amid condemnation of Russia’s actions from western nations.

    As the world watches on in horror, the ABC’s resident coronavirus expert Dr Norman Swan says war is not the only thing Russians and Ukrainians should be worried about – and has drawn fierce criticism in the process.

    Speaking with the ABC’s Patricia Karvelas on RN on Monday, the host of the Coronacast podcast was asked whether the pandemic could worsen in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion.

    “As if the invasion wasn’t enough on its own, there are warnings that Russia’s actions could lead to fresh outbreaks of Covid-19,” Karvelas said before introducing Dr Swan.

    “Just 35 per cent of the population of Ukraine is fully vaccinated while case numbers remain high in Russia,” she said. “Could the invasion cause fresh outbreaks?”

    Dr Swan replied: “Fresh outbreaks. New variants. Warfare is unfortunately through the centuries a recurrent theme in either making pandemics worse or creating them in the first place.”

    He continued, saying the conditions of war make ordinary diseases much more serious.

    “If this goes on a lot longer, where people are getting hungry, sanitation breaks down,” Dr Swan said.

    “Covid may be the least of it, but you will certainly see an exacerbation of Covid-19, particularly in the elderly population of Ukraine.

    “Even the Russians coming in are vulnerable too, because they’ve had the Russian vaccine which is of dubious protection. So you’ve got two populations coming together who are either under-immunised … or they’ve had an inadequate vaccine.

    “And you’ve got the added complication of war, which always creates disease problems.

    “Napoleon realised that in the 19th century — he was losing more people to disease than he was to warfare and he took action accordingly.”

    He said there was a risk of other outbreaks including “diarrhoea and vomiting, gastroenteritis, spring viruses (like) influenza … pneumonia”.

    “You could get kids dying of childhood diseases. It doesn’t bear thinking about how bad it could get with the usual diseases, much less Covid-19 going around in a vulnerable population.

    “As people become malnourished if indeed they do, then in populations where Omicron might be relatively mild compared to Delta, it may not be mild. And you’ll see serious issues arising. And we may never find out how bad it has become because people will be dying at home.”

    The Financial Review’s Michael Roddan wrote on Twitter: “Norman Swan on RN this morning saying Ukraine war will make Covid worse. Just doesn’t have the same vibe to it anymore.”

    2GB’s Ben Fordham wrote on Facebook: “Is Dr Norman Swan suffering from relevance deprivation syndrome?

    “The ABC’s medical expert is now warning about Covid numbers in Ukraine.

    “Dr Swan says that the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could lead to a spike in Covid cases and even new variants.”

    Others shared similar views.

    “The ABC’s Norman Swan is concerned about Covid & new variants in Ukraine. Yeah so are Ukrainians as they dodge missiles & gunfire,” one user wrote.

    But many defended Dr Swan.

    “Why do people take issue with Norman Swan stating the Ukraine invasion will make Covid worse?” one Twitter user wrote.

    “WW1 made The Spanish flu worse. Clearly not the biggest problem in the region currently, but he’s an epidemiologist giving his view on his area of expertise.”

    Another wrote that Dr Swan was simply talking about the topic he knows best.

    “I’m sorry, given his expertise, did you want him to provide some analysis on troop movements, ballistic strength of particular antitank munitions and insurgency tactics?

    “He’s a doctor talking about the pandemic (that’s still going on), get over it.”

  8. national post – Hundreds of Canadians have volunteered to fight Russians in Ukraine, diplomat says

    The expression of interest in the program organized by Kiev’s diplomatic missions comes as an Ontario businessman launches his own operation for would-be foreign fighters

    Hundreds of Canadians have already offered to fight for Ukraine against Russian invasion forces, just two days after the country formally put out the call for volunteers, a top Ukrainian diplomat said Tuesday.

    Many responded to a new website that urges people to “join the resistance now,” saying there’s a great need for foreign troops as well as armaments to help in the country’s defence.

    The effort seems extraordinary — a foreign government essentially recruiting soldiers on Canadian soil, so far with the federal government’s tacit approval.

    “We are touched, we are overwhelmed,” Oleksandr Shevchenko, Ukraine’s Toronto consul general, said in an interview. “It is not only Ukrainian-Canadians … but people from different corners of the country.”

    The expression of interest in the program organized by Kiev’s diplomatic missions comes as an Ontario businessman — instrumental in efforts to rescue Canada’s ex-employees in Afghanistan — launches his own operation for would-be foreign fighters.

    While some Canadians have already headed toward Ukraine on their own, the two developments point to a broader, more-organized effort to gather willing combatants in this country.

    Volunteers would become part of what Kiev is calling the International Legion for the Territorial Defense of Ukraine.

    “Ukraine needs your help! Join the resistance now!” declares the website, directing would-be fighters to fill out an online form. “Although there has been a concerted International effort to support Ukraine with supplies and weapons, there is a great need for people to join in the defense.”

    About 200 to 300 have offered their services at the Toronto consulate alone, said Shevchenko.

    Canadians who join up through the Ukrainian missions will likely undergo a vetting process of several days, then be sent over in groups, funded by an expected flood of private donations, said Borys Wrzesnewskyj, a former Liberal MP and prominent Ukrainian-Canadian.

    They would receive some rudimentary training in Poland before crossing the border into Ukraine, he said.

    “There’s been an incredible outpouring of support, including people stepping forward and saying in a very personal way they are willing to make an incredible sacrifice,” said the owner of Toronto’s Future Bakery. “It’s an incredibly noble sentiment.”

    Helping prepare Canadians who make that commitment is the new project of Chris Ecklund, the Hamilton, Ont., businessman who spent $1 million of his own money to try to rescue former Canadian employees threatened by the Taliban’s take-over of Afghanistan.

    Ecklund said Tuesday he’s setting up an organization to support Canadians and other foreigners who want to fight the Russian invasion; its own website — — went live Tuesday afternoon.

    The outfit, manned by some of the same veterans who tried to get Canada’s ex-employees out of Afghanistan, will also provide a speeded-up basic training program. But a key function will be offering practical advice on how to reach Ukraine and what to bring — from extra socks to “salty snacks.”

    We don’t discourage anybody

    Part of getting ready will also be knowing one may not return and being sure that a will and means to identify remains are in place, he said.

    “You obviously have to think and hope for the best but you have to plan for the worst,” Ecklund said. “When you go into theatre, you don’t want to be a burden, not just to the people you’re serving with, but to the people back home, too.”

    “You have to go into this thinking ‘What if I’m injured, what if I’m severely injured, what if I’m killed?’”

    Ecklund has ample experience himself with such logistics. He not only served in the army in the 1980s but helped families repatriate the remains of two Canadians who privately entered the battle against the Islamic State, then were killed in Iraq, one in 2015, the other in 2017.

    The website will outline some of the more mundane tasks required before going into combat, such as having medical and dental check-ups, gathering any needed medication and packing supplies from tourniquets to rations, he said.

    “The little tiny things can be very big things if you don’t take care of it,” said Ecklund. “I want to give anybody in the world who wants to go join the foreign legion, so to speak, as much information up front about what they have to do.”

    He didn’t want to go into detail for security reasons but said his group would provide a crash basic-training course somewhere in Europe for recruits.

    Shevchenko said the Ukrainian government would most appreciate volunteers with some military or policing experience but will take all-comers, including Canadians who do not speak Ukrainian.

    “We also support and assist all those who don’t have such (army/law-enforcement) experience but are willing to go to Ukraine,” he said. “We don’t discourage anybody.”

    CBC -Canadians ready to fight for Ukraine, despite lack of combat training

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