A ton of videos from Ukraine

The following post is entirely by Kalloi, a Hungarian and highly skilled and knowledgable contributor to VladTepesBlog as well as the related Mastodon Pod. Please everyone follow him there.

I am sending a ton of videos from Ukraine. These are leftist in nature (against my best intentions) for two reasons: (1) they were collected by major leftist / globalist Hungarian media outlets (because they have the most resources so they are the quickest) (2) what we are witnessing now is just the kinetic Russian reaction to years /decades of serious assaults and abuse by the PTB against Russia and Russian people living in Eastern Ukraina; but THAT abuse was of course not in the news. It is much like the commie tactics against the Freedom Convoy in Canada: “annoy your victims to death and when they finally strike back in defense, call them Nazis so that you have an excuse to crush them”.

I guess the Marxist West desperately wants bloody pictures, but Russia seems to be executing a bliztkrieg by hitting mostly military targets with high-precision weapons, with overwhelmingly superior force.

I have attached my favourite photo: People are taking shelter, allegedly from expected Russian air strikes, in the underground facilities of the Kyev metro — and some of them seem to be wearing the NWO-muzzle (mask) even there. An impressive memento of the present era.

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  1. I don’t trust Putin in the same way I don’t trust any Government any longer for anything they say. They are lying the moment they open their mouth.
    Their trackrecord for honesty is abyssmal.
    The same goes for the Mainstream Media.
    In my eyes this is just the continuing of the Plandemic, World War III against the “little” people by the acolytes of Klaus Schwab.

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