Single mom account frozen for $50.00 donation to legal protest: Links 1, 02, 22, 2022

1. National Post: Jamie Sarkonak: Under Emergencies Act, suspected dissidents are at the mercy of their banks

To solve a “national emergency,” banks in Canada can now deprive anyone remotely connected to the Ottawa protest the ability to pay for the following: food, childcare, transportation, phone services, internet, heating, electricity, medication, legal services, and more. I’m no public safety expert, but it’s common sense that people need money to survive daily life. And yet, the federal government has set up a system to deny potentially thousands of people the ability to pay for basic necessities. […]

The Emergencies Act was invoked, a national public order emergency was declared, and now the federal government has drastically more power to do more things. They can freeze bank accounts because they’ve proclaimed there have reasonable grounds to believe such measures are necessary to deal with the emergency at hand.

(Click though and read. The actual quotes from the elite powerful are meant to be both threatening and anesthetizing at the same time. They warn that pro-trumpers will be destroyed, but pretend only at the level of 6 and 7 figure contributors. That would be so the majority don’t take any precautions.)

2. LEDREW: Trudeau has brought Canadians to the tipping point

(Stephen Ledrew was the longest serving president of the Liberal Party of Canada. Please keep that in mind when you read this article)

The Canada that Canadians now view every day is not the sensible, reasonable, and generous society that Canadians of all stripes have built up over many generations

It has become polarized, nasty and barely recognizable.

Just listen to people talking in stores, on the street, and in meeting places.

Just walk or drive through cities and villages and the countryside, and see the Canadian flags — paired with signs expressing vehement disapproval of our federal government. Loyal Canadians are fed up with their federal government.

And one person is responsible for this — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He has drastically altered Canadian institutions and norms so considerably that usually calm people are raising their voices in protest.

The core of the protestors in Ottawa and other Canadian centres were angry not only about government heavy-handedness in its pandemic policies, but also the changes being brought about by Trudeau.

(Please click through and read the whole thing. It only gets better from here.)

3. RAIR Foundation: El Salvador’s President Slams Trudeau: ‘The Real War is Not in Ukraine, it’s in Canada’

The Canadian government has “zero credibility” regarding teaching other “countries about democracy and freedom,” stated President Bukele.

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, has condemned Western Leaders and countries’ authoritarian actions in the name of combating Covid. The leader has taken particular aim at Canada’s controversial Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

On Saturday, in the Canadian capital, police swept the area near parliament where freedom trucks have demonstrated for weeks against Trudeau’s strict Covid policy. Officers trampled peaceful protesters with horses, deployed pepper spray and stun grenades, among other tactical weapons and methods.

The protests in Ottawa have been ongoing for three weeks. RAIR Foundation USA has been on the scene since the very beginning. (See hereherehere, and here). The demonstration initially began to protest the federal government’s cross-border vaccine mandate for truck drivers; however, it has morphed into a Canada-wide convoy movement against Trudeau’s Covid restrictions.

4. Canadian MP Says Single Mom’s Bank Account Frozen For Donating $50 to Freedom Convoy

A Canadian single mother’s bank account was frozen for donating $50 to the Freedom Convoy, according to MP Mark Strahl.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week invoked emergency orders to break up the trucker Freedom Convoy.

(Please see the comment under item 1. The proof of the theory has already landed at your door. It isn’t 6 or 7 figures. Its mid two.)

5. New Mexico offers temporary asylum

Thank you all who are paying attention.

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  1. BANK ACCOUNTS update:

    Small donors unlikely to be affected: official

    Jacques said that the financial measures in the Emergencies Act came into force on Feb. 15 and were specifically designed to apply enough financial pressure to convince protest organizers and participants to go home.

    “Based on the knowledge that I have, I think it would be unlikely that someone who gave … $20 three weeks ago, or even $20 post Feb. 15, that they would have been captured by a freeze,” she said.

    “It’s not impossible in view of the order, but in view of the exchange of information and the focused approach that was taken to stop the illegal funding of these activities, it would appear to be unlikely that this occurred, but not impossible.”

    She said the measures should not affect anyone who provided financial support to the convoy before Feb. 15. Jacques said that anyone who saw their account frozen and who subsequently left the blockade area should expect to see the account unfrozen in the coming days.

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