Trucker Protest Ottawa for February 19, 2022 and live streams (Parliament suspended)

2. Protestors build a snow block

3. Livestream from earlier today. Over now

4. Upcoming stream

5. Tow trucks moving stuff from protest village

6. Parliament SUSPENDED on the 18th.



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19 Replies to “Trucker Protest Ottawa for February 19, 2022 and live streams (Parliament suspended)”

  1. Vlad- thanks very much for your on the ground coverage. I have so many questions!

    It looks like the jackboots forced many of the truckers to leave yesterday- is that true?

    It looks super cold up there (I live in the NY Gulag so I know just how cold it can get) – are the truckers able to get fuel for their rigs?

    What happened to all the millions of dollars that were donated just for this purpose? Show me the money!

  2. 1. I am not sure yet. But I hope to have an answer at a certain point today.

    2. Yes. It was very cold yesterday and for much of the protest the mercury hovered at around 0F. VERY cold. I did see people getting fuel past police. My favorite story, and I had a video interview of this right after it happened. but I can’t find the damn file!

    A fellow was bringing in Jerry cans of fuel and police moved to arrest him. Protestors formed a corridor for him and he ran straight through it to get the fuel to the trucks. I myself saw men get to the trucks with plastic pails of fuel. Was awesome to be close to that when it happened. These are amazing men and women who managed the logistics of this protest. Its not like BLM or other communist groups that actually get support from the police. And yes, they do. Police arrested a man who knocked over an ANTIFA barricade last summer on a highway. Not the people who erected it, the guy who knocked it over. The video is on this site somewhere.

    Yesterday, GiveSendGo issued a clear statement about that.×900

  3. Just heard from my friend down there, cops just swarmed them and tear gassed them on wellington. Just over 20min ago. So around 930am.

  4. Hillier says press conference at 1, and the trucks will be leaving shortly afterwards so no need for more violence from Ottawa police. He said he is denied by police to make the press conference.

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