Tucker Carlson from February 18, 2022

Tucker hits all the most recent facts in his report last night as they were. There are a few seconds at the start on Ottawa, then his Ottawa protest segment happens at 15:40

I would like to offer a word about something huge Tucker missed about his book review of the AOC biography. Yes, its all that stuff he says and more. But why release a glowing biography now?

Clearly she is the plan to replace Joe Biden. So get ready for president Cortez. Cause that is the only reason that makes sense for the sudden release of this absurd book. Remember, Obama released TWO “auto”-biographies before he had actually accomplished anything at all. This was his lubricant into the White House.



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  1. AOC may have “plans” but she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming POTUS. Not even the Demonrats can cheat enough to have her installed – at least not for a while.

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