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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Russia Sees Record 200K Covid-19 Cases

    Russia reported more than 200,000 new Covid-19 infections Friday for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

    The country has been gripped by a surge in cases since the start of the year, fueled by the highly transmissible Omicron variant.

    The country reported 203,949 new infections over the last 24 hours, Russia’s nationwide coronavirus task force said Friday. It also said 722 Covid-19 patients died – the highest number in four weeks.

    Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has said the latest wave is in decline in the Russian capital, which has been the epicenter of the country’s coronavirus outbreak and was the first place to see a rise – and fall – in case numbers during previous waves.

    The number of patients admitted to hospital with Covid-19 has also risen fast over the last month. Some 19,281 people were hospitalized Friday, the task force said – around double the level of daily admissions being recorded in mid-January.

    Russia has been one of the world’s hardest-hit countries by the coronavirus, as the government has largely shunned strict lockdowns and the vaccination campaign has stuttered, with 48% of the country fully vaccinated.

    The country has seen almost 1 million excess deaths since the start of the pandemic, according to The Moscow Times’ analysis, and Russia’s population recorded its largest-ever peacetime decline in 2021 – largely as a result of Covid-19 fatalities.
    Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | Feb. 15

    Russia has confirmed 14,480,596 cases of coronavirus and 341,635 deaths, according to the national coronavirus information center. Russia’s total excess fatality count since the start of the coronavirus pandemic is at least 995,000. Under half the population is fully vaccinated.

  2. Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said Monday that Special Counsel John Durham is aware that former President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden were aware of 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s plot to entangle then-GOP presidential nominee in a “Russian collusion” plot.

    Specifically, Ratcliffe, a former federal prosecutor and Texas congressman who served as DNI under Trump said Obama and Biden knew about the 2016 Clinton campaign’s efforts to “infiltrate” internet servers first at Trump Tower and then in the Trump White House in a plot to try and find nefarious connections between the then-president and the Kremlin.

    What’s more, Ratcliffe told Fox News that Durham has amassed enough evidence during his investigation to indict several people.

  3. zero hedge – Trudeau’s State Media Labels ‘Freedom’ A “Far-Right” Concept

    One day before Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked emergency powers to crack down on anti-vaccine mandate protesters, state media outlet CBC published material claiming that ‘freedom’ is now a “far right” concept.

    […]Another Canadian media outlet, the Globe & Mail also jumped aboard the ‘freedom is hate’ bandwagon with this piece:

    How truck convoy supporters like Pierre Poilievre have weaponized ‘freedom

    MORE :

    twitter @breaking911

    CNN reporter says truckers protesting COVID mandates are “wrapped in this sort of notion, of the guise of freedom, you know, whatever that means to these individuals…”

    + video


      • ‘Whatever That Means’: CNN Correspondent Brushes Off Truckers’

        A CNN correspondent appeared to downplay the concerns of the Canadian truckers protesting the COVID-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions.

      • global news – Ford says Emergencies Act “gives police the tools” to “get these people moving on”

        Speaking to reporters in Hamilton, Ontario on Tuesday, Ontario Premier Doug Ford was asked why he supports Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act.

        Ford said the issue wasn’t a “political” one for him, but that he supported any measure that would “give police the tools” to “go get these people moving on” in Ottawa and elsewhere.

        Concerns about “serious violence” for political and ideological gain are among the reasons cited by the federal government for invoking Canada’s Emergencies Act over the so-called “Freedom Convoy.”

        An executive order issued on Tuesday formalized the decision, which comes as the convoy blockade of the nation’s capital enters its nineteenth day with no clear end in sight.

        Ottawa Police Service Chief Peter Sloly resigned amid the so-called ‘“freedom convoy” protests that have taken over much of downtown Ottawa for weeks.

        The convoy, which started as an anti-vaccine and COVID-19 mandate protest, is seeking to end all mandates that the protestors say limit their lives.

      • global news – Quebec announces vaccine passport system to end March 14

        …. but mask mandates to stay

        The passport will no longer be used for big-box stores as well as the government-run liquor and cannabis stores starting Wednesday. Proof of vaccination will not be required to access places of worship and funeral homes as of Feb. 21.

        Quebec’s vaccine passport system will be fully lifted for all settings — including restaurants, bars and entertainment venues — starting March 14.

      • REBEL NEWS – Massive Calgary rally opposes mandates and applauds truckers

        Many attendees were happy to see the Restrictions Exemption Program ended by Jason Kenney, with virtually all crediting the positive results to the truckers.

      • city news – Emergencies Act: what does it mean?

        The Emergencies Act has been invoked. What does that mean?

        The legislation replaced the War Measures Act, with Parliament intending to correct the WMA, and include more protections for human rights.

      • Controversy behind the Canadian Flag

        The Canadian flag is a national symbol that unites Canadians and represents freedom.

        But in light of the recent convoy and protest events across the country, some Canadians believe it now has a different meaning.

      • city news – RCMP still investigating affiliation of arrested at Coutts

        With 13 people arrested at the Coutts border protest, four of them facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network is concerned it could be an example of accelerationist groups taking hold.

      • city news – Blockade at Manitoba-US border expected to be cleared by Wednesday

        After almost a week of blocking the Emerson border, RCMP Manitoba confirming Tuesday afternoon that protestors on scene are finally leaving.

        RCMP expect the blockade to be cleared by Wednesday afternoon.

    • CBC – Ottawa protest placing added stress on pets and clinics, says veterinarian

      Vet association working to understand protest’s impact on animal welfare

      One Ottawa veterinarian says she’s concerned about the impact the downtown demonstration is having on pets, both in the care of Ottawa residents and those brought to the protest by supporters.

      Dr. Kelly Butler, who owns a veterinarian clinic near the protest, says her regular clients are nervous about visiting her practice, especially visible minorities.

      “They’re worried about leaving their homes with their pets to even just come to routine care,” she said.

      “It’s more worrisome if they’re nervous about coming to us when their pet has an eye problem and ear problems, something particularly painful.”

      Pet owners can always contact their vet to seek advice if new medical issues emerge during the protest, she said.

      Butler also expressed concerns about pets stuck at home when trucks and other vehicles honk their horns, which can scare dogs and cats alike.

      “And I hope that there aren’t too many pets [at the protest],” she said. “Because they’re also, similarly, terrified, but they’re that much closer to the source of the noise and strangers.”

      Vet association monitoring animal welfare

      The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, a national organization that advocates for animal welfare, has been in contact with governmental agencies and veterinary organizations about the protests.

      Dr. Ian Sandler, a practicing veterinarian and a member of the association’s national issues committee, said they’re trying to understand what impacts the nationwide demonstrations against pandemic rules and the officials making them may be having on animal welfare.

      “With respect to Ottawa specifically, I think the biggest disruptions right now to the clinics are their ability to physically get into the clinics,” Sandler said, noting disruptions to public transit.

      “It has been a difficult time.”

      He says those stresses aren’t appreciated by an industry already stretched thin over the course of the pandemic.

      “If their clinic staff is decreased even further because they physically can’t get into the facilities, that’s very concerning,” Sandler said.

      Brandon Zweerman, managing director at Ottawa’s Animal Emergency & Specialty Hospital near the Coventry Road protest camp, said staff have been inconvenienced by certain road closures but no major issues have arisen.

    • CTV – Robert Fife discusses Ottawa police chief’s resignation

      — Robert Fife – Ottawa Bureau Chef , The Globe and Mail —-

      ( age restrcited on YT )

    • BBC – Novak Djokovic breaks silence over Covid vaccine refusal

      Tennis star Novak Djokovic has said he would rather miss out on future trophies than be forced to get a Covid vaccine.

      Speaking exclusively to the BBC, he said he should not be associated with the anti-vax movement, but supported an individual’s right to choose.

      The Serbian was asked if he would sacrifice taking part in competitions such as Wimbledon and the French Open over his stance on the vaccine.

    • ITALY – FEB 15 2022 -Green Pass obligation kicks in for over-50s

      Older people need health pass to access places of work

      ANSA) – ROME, FEB 15 – On Tuesday the obligation for people aged 50 or over to have the Super Green Pass kicks in, meaning they need the health certificate that shows a person is vaccinated for COVID-19 or has recovered from the coronavirus to access places of work.

      The government made the Super Green Pass obligatory for all over-50s as they are considered especially vulnerable if they contract the virus.

      It is still possible for unvaccinated people under 50 to access place of work by having the ‘base’ Green Pass, which can be obtained by having a negative COVID test although it is only valid for a few days.

      At the moment, the Super Green Pass is also needed to do almost all leisure, cultural and sporting activities in Italy. (ANSA).


      Unvaccinated over-50s in Italy to lose access to workplaces from Tuesday

      All workers in Italy aged 50 or over are obliged to have a “super green pass” to enter their workplace from Tuesday, under the government’s new vaccine mandate.

      Covid: Italy to suspend unvaccinated over-50 workers

      Employers and workers face heavy fines if caught in violation of Italy’s new Super Green Pass rules.

      Italy’s covid-19 vaccination mandate for the over-50s kicks in today, Tuesday 15 February, as the government ramps up its Super Green Pass rules for the unvaccinated.

      The compulsory vaccine mandate applies to everyone in Italy aged 50 or over, with unvaccinated workers to be suspended without pay and employees who go to work without the Super Green Pass risking fines of between €600 and €1,500.

      The Super Green Pass is a “reinforced” version of the “basic” Green Pass and can only be obtained by those who have been vaccinated or recovered from covid-19.

      The digital certificate is needed to access restaurants, bars, cinemas, theatres, night clubs, stadiums and public transport in Italy.

      The basic Green Pass – required for a wide range of activities and services from banks and post offices to hairdressers and tobacconists – can be obtained by a negative covid test. It remains a requirement for Italy’s workers under the age of 50.

      With around 1.4 million people in Italy over 50 still not vaccinated against covid-19, there is considerable resistance to the vaccine mandate, one of the strictest of its kind in Europe.

      However, despite the opposition, Monday’s much-hyped “March on Rome” protest by the No Vax and No Green Pass movements turned out to be a flop, with only about 200 people showing up in the central Piazza Venezia.

      At the start of February the government also introduced a €100 fine for over-50s who are not vaccinated.

      Health minister Roberto Speranza said on Italian TV show Mezz’ora in più on Sunday that the decision to make vaccinations compulsory for the over-50s was “correct and courageous”, adding: “We must still insist on vaccinations.”

      The over-50 vaccine mandate is scheduled to remain in force until 15 June however there is already talk that the requirement could be extended beyond this date.

      “We must try in every way to reduce the number of unvaccinated people”, deputy health minister Andrea Costa said on Sunday, adding that it is the unvaccinated “who mainly occupy intensive care units”.

      Walter Ricciardi, the coronavirus advisor to the health ministry, told La Repubblica newspaper on Monday that the over-50s vaccine mandate and the Green Pass “must be maintained for all of 2022.”

      The Green Pass system along with vaccinations “must become the two pillars of the new normal” – said Ricciardi – “If we remove them we are at risk. It would be the third time we make the same mistake.”

      TORINO – un operaio: “Da oggi non posso entrare a lavoro”

    • Today Italy will suspend 500.000 unvaccinated people over 50 from work

      Italy’s prime minister Draghi:
      “The unvaccinated aren’t part of our society.”

      Italy will suspend all people over 50 today, because they aren’t vaccinated. They will also cut their salary.

    • ctv news – Financial tracking of protest funding will be used in ‘transparent and responsible manner’

      Minister Jean-Yves Duclos speaks on the use of the Emergencies Act and new financial powers to freeze funding for the protest convoys.

  4. CBC News – Alberta protesters plan to clear blockade following weapons seizure

    Organizers of the border blockade in Coutts, Alta., say they are planning on leaving the site a day after RCMP seized multiple weapons, ammunition and body armour and arrested at least 12 protesters.

  5. global news – Trucker protests: RCMP warn of “militant mindset” among protesters at Coutts blockade

    After seizing what they call a cache of firearms and ammunition, RCMP say they’ve recently become aware of a small organized group within those involved in the larger Coutts border protests.

    Thirteen people were arrested in the last 24 hours and RCMP say one of the protesters attempted to ram a police vehicle.

    Police called it an example of the “militant mindset” of a small group of the protesters.

  6. Just over a week after saying he had no plans to retire, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly has resigned.

    According to CBC News, Sloly is set to officially announce his retirement after a Tuesday meeting of the Ottawa Police Services Board.

    In recent weeks, he has come under immense criticism for his handling of the “Freedom Convoy” — made up mostly of Canadian truckers who are protesting vaccine mandates.

  7. Some journalists, Republican lawmakers, and other notable public figures responded to an explosive report from over the weekend involving Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe by saying that the Trump White House was spied on.

    Durham said in the court filing that lawyers for the Clinton campaign paid a tech company to “infiltrate” servers belonging to Trump Tower and the Trump White House in an effort to establish a “narrative” linking President Donald Trump to Russia.

    “In connection with these efforts, Tech Executive-1 exploited his access to non-public and/or proprietary Internet data,” the filing states. “Tech Executive-1 also enlisted the assistance of researchers at a U.S.-based university who were receiving and analyzing large amounts of Internet data in connection with a pending federal government cybersecurity research contract.”

  8. City granted injunction to address disregard for municipal by-laws
    February 15, 2022
    Announcements and Events
    The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has granted the City’s request for an injunction to address widespread disregard for municipal by-laws resulting from ongoing demonstrations in downtown Ottawa.

    The City provided the court with overwhelming evidence of protestors committing by-law violations, specifically setting unlawful fires, discharging fireworks, causing noise, blocking and damaging highways, and idling vehicles in contravention of the Idling Control By-law. These contraventions negatively impacted our municipal assets – like roadways, sidewalks, transit and parks – as well as the health and welfare of residents, businesses and the environment.

    As with the recently enacted provincial emergency orders, the injunction will provide law enforcement authorities another tool to help restrain anyone from committing these offences in the future.

    • PROJECT VERITAS – FDA Exec on Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy “Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible”

      – FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole: “You’ll have to get an annual shot [COVID vaccine]. I mean, it hasn’t been formally announced yet ‘cause they don’t want to, like, rile everyone up.”

      – Cole on President Joe Biden: “Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible.”

      – Cole on plans to approve vaccine for toddlers: “They’re not going to not approve [emergency use authorization for children five years old or less].”

      – Cole on pharmaceutical companies: “There’s a money incentive for Pfizer and the drug companies to promote additional vaccinations.”

      – Cole on the financial incentive for pharmaceutical companies: “It’ll be recurring fountain of revenue. It might not be that much initially, but it’ll be recurring — if they can — if they can get every person required at an annual vaccine, that is a recurring return of money going into their company.”

      – FDA Official Statement: “The person purportedly in the video does not work on vaccine matters and does not represent the views of the FDA.”

      [WASHINGTON, D.C. – Feb. 15, 2022] Food and Drug Administration [FDA] Executive Officer, Christopher Cole, inadvertently revealed that his agency will eventually announce that annual COVID-19 vaccinations will become policy.

      Cole is an Executive Officer heading up the agency’s Countermeasures Initiatives, which plays a critical role in ensuring that drugs, vaccines, and other measures to counter infectious diseases and viruses are safe. He made the revelations on a hidden camera to an undercover Project Veritas reporter.

      Cole indicates that annual COVID-19 shots isn’t probable — but certain. When pushed on how he knows an annual shot will become policy, Cole states, “Just from everything I’ve heard, they [FDA] are not going to not approve it.”

      The footage, which is part one of a two-part series on the FDA, also contains soundbites from Cole about the financial incentives pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have to get the vaccine approved for annual usage.

      “It’ll be recurring fountain of revenue,” Cole said in the hidden camera footage. “It might not be that much initially, but it’ll recurring — if they can — if they can get every person required at an annual vaccine, that is a recurring return of money going into their company.”

      Perhaps the most explosive part of the footage is the moment where Cole brazenly talks about the impact that an Emergency Use Authorization has on overcoming the regulatory concerns of mandating vaccines on children.

      “They’re all approved under an emergency just because it’s not as impactful as some of the other approvals,” Cole said when asked if he thought there was “really an emergency for kids.”

      Cole, who claims his role with the FDA is to ensure the agency uses a framework of safety, security, and effectiveness as a part of its preparedness and response protocol, specifically cited concerns over “long term effects, especially with someone younger.”

  9. twitter @avi_barak_media

    What is the Israeli ministry of health’s stand on the efficiency of wearing masks?

    What is the reason for the masks mandate?

    Why are politicians exempt from the Covid19 law?

    What is the damage caused to ourselves and our kids from wearing masks?

    5 parts video. please share!

    + VIDEOS

    on rumble :

    ( 10 min 54 )


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