Five important items showing the state of our nations and the threats to them, Ont. police DO NOT have to get the vaxx: Links 1, February 14, 2022

1. RCMP now resorts to sabotage, vandalism, and malicious mischief. In true communist fashion, they explain it by changing the words to, “disabling” the vehicle. But I am pretty sure if people were to go and disable a few RCMP cruisers in the same exact way, they could expect to spend some quality time in jail and the judge would not refer to it as ‘disabling’.

At this point, the RCMP is starting to look about as much like law enforcement as the FBI.

2. The funds ARE NOT FROZEN. Interview with GiveSendGo founder on Trucker’s money. As usual the Canadian government lies about every aspect of this thing.

There is a very very unfortunate update on this one. GiveSendGo was hacked, money taken and all donors doxxed.

Currently the site is under repair. But what people did see…

Having been to the counter-demo where the only car in the protest area had this sticker on it:

I think we can safely say the hackers and those opposed to the Trucker protest are not that interested in Democracy, whatever the hack-page shows.

3. One Ontario cop explains what an actual State of Emergency is like, and not like. This is a must watch

4. Dr. Robert Malone on the consequences of politicizing Covid and the dangers of a world government

5. The story about some organizers taking a deal is A LIE

This is VERY consistent with the rest of the counter-protest and government tactics. Threats, intimidation, and mostly LIES.

Thank you all who contributed to this content-rich post.

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  1. The Emergencies Act replaces the War Measures Act, defines a national emergency as an “urgent and critical situation”, that seriously endangers the lives, HEALTH or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it.

    The act will provide the federal government extraordinary 30-day time-limited POWERS, enabling the prohibition of public assembly, travel, and use of specific property. It will allow Ottawa to designate protected places and force privately- owned tow truck companies to provide service.

    Speaking of health and safety Canadians have the right to see the REAL numbers of vaccine injured and deaths.

  2. Report prepared by Worldwide Safety – -Pfizer lists cytokines release storm, cytokines storm as side effects.

    What is cytokine storm? Professor Delores Cahill explains.

    Cytokine storm or immune priming or immune super-priming.

    The messenger mRNA starts expressing the virus. Then when it comes across a naturally circulating Coronavirus, a month, a year or 2 down the road, people get very very sick, quickly with cytokine storm.

    People should know, with these RNA vaccines after you are vaccinated, for the rest of your life you will have a much higher death rate, as the children in the study did because you were vaccinated.

    When you inject the mRNA genes vaccine into your body, you will bypass all the natural immune responses to prevent the virus. your immune system sees the virus in your body as something that shouldn’t be there and mounts a immune response. The shocking thing is that normally your body can get rid of the virus particles.

    When you inject it, the reason the mRNA is so deadly, it is now expressing in your genes. It starts simulating the immune response from inside your body, and literally can’t get rid of it because the source of the viral protein you now have, becomes like a genetically modified organism.

    Your body is expressing the virus protein and slowly your immune system tries to get rid of it. You try to mount the exquisite antibodies to get rid of it, but you never can because it is now part of who you are. It is integrated.

    When you come across the Coronavirus system, normally you can’t rid of it because it has become part of your body. The people that get the vaccine, will become a genetically modified organism, that will be making a virus protein as well as their own human protein.

    Virus triggers an antibody response that normally happens over 2 weeks. The antibody response will now activate and realize that this viral protein is in every cell in your body. antibodies will start attacking our cells and organs. people will go into septic shock, and then organs will fail in 3-5 days.

  3. The one who did make this text on the GiveSendGo they have to find and beat him so severely that his fucking balls will be in his brains. Would beat his fucking head off with a baseball bate and will ask simultaneously to repeat his words.That’s the only thing what helps for this fucking scum. No right ore democracy for that kind of fascists. No mister nice guy anymore. Blood boiling!!

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