Canadian Veteran encounters CBC while deicing the War memorial and returns some of the love

CBC has earned every bit of the contempt shown to them by the Canadian people. Every bit and a whole lot more.

As it happens, I encountered a CBC reporter on the street today and we had a chat.

He was in fact, such a decent and honest fellow I will not name him, even though he let me photograph his ID. And the reason I won’t, is CBC would most likely admonish or otherwise punish him for the things he said, because they were true.

His bottom line was, “Canadian media really needs to do some soul searching to learn how to regain the trust of the Canadian people”.

This one fellow actually listened to me.

Frankly, CBC needs to be destroyed. There is no fixing it. It is nothing but a University dialectics laboratory. They force narratives on any issue in a way that is worst for Canada as a polity and the Canadian people as an entity and a culture. If CBC employees want to regain the trust of the Canadian public, they should get productive jobs for 10 years where their income is 100% proportional to the wealth they create. Whether its sales, or working on an oil rig. And maybe after that they can try journalism again. Maybe in the private sector.

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6 Replies to “Canadian Veteran encounters CBC while deicing the War memorial and returns some of the love”

  1. Not just the Canadian CBC needs to be dismantled.
    Every Governmental Propaganda Media-outlet in the entire World needs to go.
    It would even be better if TV is being destroyed.
    The biggest Brain-drainer/Zombie maker in human history.

  2. I believe the Canadian government pays the Canadian media, apart from Rebel News, hundreds of millions of dollars each year in “subsidies”.
    The first thing Canadians must do is stop these payments.

  3. They even lie in their self description, blaming their failures on the competition, and not for the propaganda machine they are rightly seen to be.

    “…From its inception the CBC was intended to convey Canadian culture and to be an instrument of national unity. These objectives have been difficult to achieve given the popularity and proliferation of competing programs from the United States. Therefore, quotas mandate the percentages of CBC programming that must be of Canadian origin…”.

  4. Quebec has its own version, it is TVA Nouvelles. A huge part and parcel of the Quebecor empire, all that can be trusted on TVA might be the sports’ reporting.

    For many years, I’ve been saying most people who end up working in public journalism have failed at all other preferred career choices.

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