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8 Replies to “Police fill parking lot at West End Ottawa hotel”

  1. I would like to sue Twitter – until you hit them on the pocketbook, they will continue to work for the Communist Government of Canada and the USA.

  2. All the state reinforcements do need a place to sleep. It is nice to know where they are (this falls under the umbrella phrase of “better knowing than not knowing”).

    As far as locations go, it also has a few things going for it.
    1. It has easy access to the Queensway (a major thoroughfare of Ottawa). Not only does this make it easy for them to get into the city, but they are also in a decent strategic location from which to create a chokepoint on traffic coming into the city.
    2. It is a short distance to an official Ottawa Police Services location.
    3. It is in a low population density area. Not only does this reduce interference with/from locals (for mobility reasons), but it also keeps them out of sight for the most part thereby assisting in hiding their numbers.

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