How to protest the FDA decision to inject babies with experimental mRNA

The US Food And Drug Administration
10-day Public Comment Opportunity
Vaccine Review  for 6 month – 4 year old Children
Feb 10 Deadline for Advisory Committee
Feb 14 Deadline for FDA Staff
Feb 15 Review & Vote meeting
The previous review meeting for Covid Vaccine for Children (5-11 years old) generated over 143,000 public comments. The next phase addresses babies from the age of 6 months to 4 years old. Debate by experts has been very vigorous and there are expectations that more of the public is ready to share their opinions.
Here you will find a set of instructions that can guide anyone through the steps of submitting their comments within a few minutes. It is an open process where anyone can also view the public comments that are submitted. Individuals worldwide are welcome to submit or view comments. The comment counts are updated daily for anyone that wishes to monitor the level of interest.


Please click here for the pdf instructions

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One Reply to “How to protest the FDA decision to inject babies with experimental mRNA”

  1. Institutionalized money-laundering scheme.

    Feds tax us to pay Pharma to inject us with unsafe concoctions. Feds use its power to force us to take the crud in the syringe — or now the Pfizer Pills that are just being introduced.

    All the while telling us that this thievery and these ghoulish lab exercises are for our own good. And not only for our “good” but also for the good of our children and BABIES.

    The sulfuric stench of Satan’s activity in this scheme rises from every corner of the globe.

    What a business model!!!!

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