Wolfgang Wodarg: Some batches are thousands of times more toxic than others

Please read the details over at RAIR Foundation

It should be added that there is now a lot of videos and articles floating around suggesting the most toxic batches have been released in Red states in the US as opposed to Blue states. As conspiracy theories go, I do not find this to be any more difficult to accept than what is now established fact.


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4 Replies to “Wolfgang Wodarg: Some batches are thousands of times more toxic than others”

  1. I respectfully ask you to mirror the RAIR post until the team there can moderate comments and delete the “death to the Jews” diatribe.

    • The ah ha! echo chamber.
      RAIR’s fever-pitch is attracting the obsessed.

      Here we are LIVING a genuine conspiracy! The inveterate conspiracy theorists are so excited, they’re [pleasuring themselves] all over our screens.

      It’s nasty and worse … it’s boring.

      • It is nasty when you are not allowed in most stores, entertainment venues, denied a haircut, swore at, called names, shunned by old friends and some family members. Yes it is nasty, hard to deal with such cruelty, it is anything but boring. Unvaccinated people are not telling anyone for fear of reprisals. Unvaccinated people are on guard…..has that ever happened before • never again, and here we are.

        Be careful what you say- -you may be part of the problem. Justine Trudeau should be charged with hate speech and all the news organizations in Canada who are subsidized by the government are whipping up the hate.

        I am not a racist, a spreader of disease, an uncaring person who lacks any morals, a person who doesn’t deserve healthcare, deserves to die.

        I have a big problem with fear promoters, who stand by and do nothing to stop killing children.

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