As the facts prove the vaxx to be both unsafe and ineffective, policy makers partied the whole time while increasing authoritarian rules on all of us: Links 3, January 14, 2022

1. Fake mobile phone towers found to be ‘actively listening in’ on calls in UK

More than 20 “intrusive” fake mobile phone towers that eavesdrop on public conversations have been found active in the UK, the first time the technology has been detected in the country.

The IMSI catchers, also known as Stingrays, have been found to be operating in London, but the Metropolitan Police have refused to say who is controlling them or what is being done with the information they are gathering.

IMSI stands for International Mobile Subscriber Identity – a unique number that identifies users on their phone network.

(Anyone who watched the series, “Homeland”, specifically the season that took place in Germany should be well aware of these devices and that alphabet agencies have been using them to violate our rights to privacy for a long time now. This video is from 2018)

2. COVID-19 vaccine passport now mandatory for large stores in Quebec

During a Thursday press conference, Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced that big-box stores across Quebec will require proof of vaccination for customers.

After confirming that Monday, January 17 would mark the opening of schools and the end of the 10 pm curfew, Legault said that any store larger than 1,500 square metres would have to implement the vaccine passport.

He cited Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, and Costco as examples.

The premier said grocery stores and pharmacies are excluded as they are essential services.

The new measure for big-box stores will be implemented January 24.

3. Boris Johnson’s ‘wine time Fridays’ – No10 staff held drinks EVERY week during pandemic

Downing Street staff held ‘wine-time Fridays’ throughout the pandemic with Boris Johnson regularly witnessing the gatherings.

Sources told the Mirror that the Prime Minister encouraged aides to “let off steam” despite indoor socialising being banned under lockdown rules.

The regular event was so popular that staff even invested in a £142 drinks fridge to keep their bottles of white wine, Prosecco and beer cool.

Reports that staff took a suitcase to a supermarket to stock up on booze ahead of a party on the eve of Prince Philip ’s funeral were not a one-off.

Sources claimed that aides took turns on Fridays to visit the local Tesco Metro in Westminster with a wheely suitcase to fill up the 34-bottle capacity fridge.

(So, the people who make the policies about Covid, are in no part afraid of covid. Lets keep that in mind as they arrest, beat, fine and tax us for our Covid and vaccine recalcitrance)

4. Covid Scotland: Case rates lowest in unvaccinated as double-jabbed elderly drive rise in hospital admissions

DOUBLE-JABBED Scots are now more likely to be admitted to hospital with Covid than the unvaccinated amid an increase in elderly people falling ill due to waning immunity.

It comes amid “weird” data showing that case rates have been lower in unvaccinated individuals than the single, double, or even triple-jabbed since Omicron became the dominant variant in Scotland.

(it is NOT waning immunity. It is permanently damaged immune systems from experimental gene therapy that was not properly tested before they injected it into everyone!)

5. Trudeau just can’t get enough of your kids

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3 Replies to “As the facts prove the vaxx to be both unsafe and ineffective, policy makers partied the whole time while increasing authoritarian rules on all of us: Links 3, January 14, 2022”

  1. ITEM 2: As an unjabbed homeowner, I suddenly ran out of much-needed nails. Where do I go to buy them?

    Yesterday, I walked in to buy nails. And I walked out with a hammer and so many other items for home use. There was a force that redirected me to walk through the aisles, something I never do, and as I went, I saw what I needed.

    One hour after walking out, I found out it was over for me.

    It could have been the day before yesterday, I’m just so confused and in shock. It’s all a blur.

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