Assortment of items indicating where we are in the chaos of Covid: Links 1, January 4, 2021

1. The Bederman Blog: I put it to you that it is antisemitic not to compare the two.

It’s a very small group of people, but that doesn’t shy away from the fact that they take up some space. This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: Do we tolerate these people? PM Justin Trudeau

Is it antisemitic to compare the policies of Covid with the policies of Nazi Germany?

I put it to you that it is antisemitic not to compare the two. It means we have forgotten the lessons we were to have learned from the Nuremberg Trials. Trials that were the result of Nazi policies that had led to the eradication of 6 million Jews, and gay and mentally and physically disabled Germans, because they did not fit the German paradigm. The trials exposed the abuse of medicine by evil doctors, like Mengele, which led to the Nuremberg Code, forbidding coercive medical measures, and the Nuremberg Defense which gives one the right and obligation to refuse to follow immoral and unethical orders; no matter who gives the order.

2. Interview with the ethics prof. who was terminated for refusing an experimental mRNA shot in order to keep her job, despite a virtual option being available.

3.  Police in the Netherlands seem to be working out their triceps by beating on freedom protestors

4. FOOTBALL TRAGEDY Marcos Menaldo dead at 25: Deportivo Marquense star dies after suffering heart attack in training

GUATEMALAN star Marcos Menaldo has tragically passed away at the age of 25 after suffering a heart attack in training on Monday.

The Deportivo Marquense defender complained of breathing difficulties during a session while preparing for the new season.

(Must be the unhealthy lifestyle and diet those pro-soccer players are so famous for having. Right? Am I right? Am I right there?)

5. While Trudeau and Biden make outrageously false and inflammatory claims about people who make their own medical choices, the facts in Ontario remain contrary to the official position. Despite these being official stats.

Thank you all who contributed to this effort today and this week.

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2 Replies to “Assortment of items indicating where we are in the chaos of Covid: Links 1, January 4, 2021”

  1. Today I struggled to read an opinion piece in the once good Canadian Newspaper the Global and Mail. Gary Mason wrote the laughable at times farce. I was going to post the opinion, just to show where are taxpayer’s money is being wasted on the Globe and Mail subsidy, but I could not bring myself to promote more hate speech, more division- – with absolutely no numbers or references to his dribble.

    The piece was “With hospitals in Crisis, it’s time there were consequences for the vaccine holdouts. There was no mention of the numbers of people who might have been saved if treated early on with HCQ or Ivermectin. No mention of the more than one million Vaccine adverse reactions, or the vaccine injured with Gillian Barre Syndrome, Myocarditis, Pericarditis, brain bleeds, blood clots, paralyzed, Bell’s Palsy, miscarriages or still born babies…. Nothing of any substance, just sheer nonsense, fear, panic…….and he ended with “My patience for vaccine holdouts reached an end a long time ago. Now with our hospitals in crisis again, it’s time we got far tougher with “these people”.

    Canadians might do themselves a favour reading this irresponsible piece and then get in touch with their MP and DEMAND the Trudeau government stop subsidizing such irresponsible, ignorance.

    Vlad could give the Globe and Mail a lesson on responsibility, starting with sources please.

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