Minnesota begins actual socialist medical practices: Links 1, January 1, 2022

1. Minnesota Prioritizes Non-Whites for Access to Life-Saving Covid Treatments

MN Health Department decided that “race and ethnicity alone, apart from other underlying health conditions, may be considered in determining eligibility for mAbs [monoclonal antibodies].”

On December 23, 2021, The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) announced that it would prioritize non-whites for access to life-saving Covid drug treatments. In a newly released document titled “Ethical Framework for Allocation of Monoclonal Antibodies during the COVID-19 Pandemic,” the MDH states that “race and ethnicity” alone, apart from other underlying health conditions, may be considered in determining eligibility for mAbs [monoclonal antibodies] .”

Monoclonal antibodies “are made in the lab and act much like the natural antibodies a person’s body makes to fight disease,” according to MDH. So far, they have been used to treat active cases of COVID and help prevent infection in healthy people. The antibodies have shown so much promise that national supplies are running out amid increasing demand, resulting in many patients being denied treatment.

2. Western University head taking sudden leave after heart concern

Western University President Alan Shepard is taking a leave of absence after an “unexpected cardiac issue.”

The school tweeted Friday that Shepard required immediate attention.

Shepard joined Western University as president and vice-chancellor in July 2019 after heading up Montreal’s Concordia University for seven years.

Interim Provost and Vice-President (Academic) Sarah Prichard will be acting president for the coming weeks.

3. Exposing media propaganda on Omicron

4. Toronto last night:

Montreal last night:


5. Video: Melbourne Man Lights Himself on Fire Over Victoria’s Vaccine Mandates

(I am aware of a woman in Oz who immolated herself in her car recently as well)

A Melbourne man set himself on fire on New Year’s Day in an apparent protest against Victoria’s draconian COVID vaccine mandates.

Though police were able to extinguish the flames, the man has suffered life-threatening injuries. His current condition is not publicly known.

The man was on a busy street in Victoria when he pulled out a gas can and began dosing himself in it in front of diners and other witnesses.

Lydia O’Connor told The Herald Sun that she was dining nearby where the man was and heard him screaming about the vaccine mandates.

“He poured gas on himself and on his car. It was on purpose,”  O’Connor said. “He was screaming about mandates. He was screaming: no vax ID and throwing books.”

(Can’t find the video fortunately)

Thank you all, M., PC., Yucki, Johnny U., Sassy, and many more who worked through the morning of New Years Day to bring us up to speed

PC wrote a comment on the bible which is worth a read. Please take a moment and click through here.


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3 Replies to “Minnesota begins actual socialist medical practices: Links 1, January 1, 2022”

  1. So now that makes 3 states (that I know of) that have implemented racially-based treatment protocols for monoclonal antibodies. Just wait until the government is running ALL of our healthcare here in the U.S. But these dummies down here think Socialized Medicine is great.

    • Triaging in medicine, is attempting to save the most lives.

      Take an imaginary example of a plane crash: the medics arrive.

      They seek to:
      Protect lives by reducing mortality and serious morbidity.
      Respect individuals and groups.

      But then they introduce:
      Strive for fairness and protect against systematic unfairness and inequity of First Class and Business Class.

      This is what Socialist’s do. They judgementally create an inferior proletariat, and then become scared of them, with divide and rule stakeholders.

      Instead of saying something like, ‘the passengers on the wings are in the higher risk group – check them first’. They conjecture a racial bias in everything because that is exactly what they do. Communism is at least bare knuckled open about envying success and private ownership that challenge the oligarchy.

      In their own words:
      “To honor these fundamental value commitments, pandemic response must promote Minnesotans’ common good by balancing three ethical objectives

      – Protect the population’s health by reducing mortality and serious morbidity.
      – Respect individuals and groups.
      – Strive for fairness and protect against systematic unfairness and inequity.”

      Be aware of that Marxist word “fairness”. It does not exist. They just replace Privilege with Preference. Animal Farm.

      Privileged white people’s “implicit bias’:

      Communists are laughing at the white Useful Idiots bending themselves this way and that to accommodate every tomfoolery and apologizing when they don’t give out handouts quick enough. .

      It used to be just a demographic of high-risk lifestyle or circumstances in spreading viruses. Protecting those who may immune deficient.

      ‘It is not a pregnant woman, but only the oppressed non-white female-sex polygender person with plus 2 preference,’ said the medical practitioner.

      Teaching math is a white privilege.


      The world is flat. And people-persons are immune positive.

  2. Quebec is in deep sh*t.
    The Premier is adding more restrictions. Walking your dog after 10 pm is illegal and he’s looking to forbid entrance to additional businesses for the unvaxxed. It’s becoming scary because many people support him and I can sense the malice in him and the Health Minister.

    And on the Federal side, the screws are tightening also for the unvaxxed workers and ineligibility to claim Unemployment Insurance, that which they paid into dutifully since they began working. They risk losing their home if they have no income, there will be unpleasant family issues, nothing is good as the intent is to force inject people by whichever way possible.

    Here’s a video that came out today:

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