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7 Replies to “Ottawa U. Prof. Micheal Chossudovsky: Christmas under lockdown based on fake science and enemy propaganda”

  1. Chossudovsky is a Kremlin operative.

    There’s always some genuine info in his tabloid, clickbait stew. A given trending topic will draw an audience, and the site gains credibility. Then you’ll read Kremlin talking points on other target topics. This is how anti-establishment interest groups are infiltrated.

    Like the MSM, many of these alternative media sites are propaganda multipliers. They push the same themes, refer to the same stable of experts, use the same terms of reference. They serve both left and right with slight variations; extremes meet at the horseshoe ends.

    • Antiwar activists don’t recognize Russian aggression. War crimes and bungling are ALWAYS the fault of US/EU/Nato. NEVER Russia, seldom China.

    • Anti-imperialist. Everybody’s an imperialist except communists.

    • Libertarian stooges. (Subsidizing isolationists – a bargain line-item on Russia’s military budget.)

    • Cassandra on American finance. Bezmenov’s Stage One. We’re ALWAYS about to collapse, the U$D’s finished. Obsessive repetition, ALWAYS downbeat. Not to inform – you know where it’s going – solely to demoralize.

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