More Chinese agents caught in sensitive parts of Canada tech: Links 1, December 14, 2021

1. Former Canadian Space Agency engineer being investigated for work with Chinese firm

(He has nothing to fear. Trudeau will get him out of wherever he is to safety just like the 2 Chinese bioweapons experts at the Winnipeg lab. After all, Trudeau was the first PM in history to actually sue parliament to stop the speaker of the house from asking for the documents on those arrests and subsequent events. In fact its the best explanation for why he even called the election in the first place)

The RCMP has charged a former Canadian Space Agency (CSA) engineer with breach of trust and is continuing to investigate after discovering he had worked for a Chinese aerospace company. 

61-year-old Quebec resident Wanping Zheng was charged on Tuesday. 

“According to the facts, Mr. Zheng allegedly used his status as a CSA engineer to negotiate agreements for the installation of satellite station facilities in Iceland,” the RCMP said in a statement given to Global News. 

“He allegedly acted on behalf of a Chinese aerospace company. The Canadian Space Agency is part of Canada’s critical infrastructure and constitutes a strategic interest to be protected.”

2. Lithuanian MEP Stasys Jakeli?nas

3. Police arrest Santa Clause at Christmas Market for not wearing a mask

(This is especially indicative of a Gessler Hat because having seen many men with big bushy beards and a goofy little surgical mask on top of it, I can assure everyone that the mask filters approximately 0% of the air going in or out of that man’s body)

4. Community transmission of Omicron now present, could ‘rapidly escalate’ soon: Tam

Canada’s top doctor says there is now community transmission of the Omicron COVID-19 variant in the country and it has the potential to “rapidly escalate” in the days to come.

Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam said Monday she expects the situation playing out in Ontario, where Omicron is responsible for 21 per cent of new cases, to be reflected elsewhere in Canada.

“We’ve learned a lot about this variant just even in the last days. We have learned that it is highly transmissible, or certainly has great spread potential,” she said, stipulating that this may be due to waning community immunity.

(For those who were waiting for the cancellation of Christmas and New Years this year, even for those submissive to the Gessler Hat and the experimental injections, now you have it.)

5. So about all that Pfizer data they hid that showed the vaccines actually didn’t help at all, and may have even killed more people than the control.


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  1. 3- The spirit of Christmas 2021. Warms my cockles. (I dare anyone to use the word “cockles” three times with three different meanings in the same sentence.)

  2. #3, arresting Santa Claus on the street of front of the kids !!!, beacuse is this He haven’t have this diaper on the face !!!, how more crazy can this be !!??, I think they cancel not only Christmas but our culture, it’s very very sad what is happening…

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