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13 Replies to “28 year veteran of MSNBC, Brian Williams, leaves his career with ominous message”

  1. It took him all that time, 5 full years minimum, to gather the guts to say the visible truth.

    I say he’s heading either to Fox or Trump Media. I think Trump Media.
    What is good is he ?ipes out Chris Wallace at CNN.

    WAIT for it: Trump Media. They’re all running scared.

    • I don’t think That Mr. Williams will join Trump Media Sassy.

      Democracy aka Mob Rule. We are a Constitutional Republic Mr. Williams.

      Is An Out-Of-Power Trump Really A Threat To Democracy?
      MSNBC – June 8, 2021

    • He said ‘The Great Unknown’. What is that? He knows.

      He’s one hell of an eye-blinker. Thinking body language. His chin goes down on mask-wearing segment and more to be seen re body language. Was he always that way? He’s not into mask-wearing.

      BTW, anyone thinking he’s leaving MSNBC and its $Millions salary behind without having a reference of where he’s headed is a fool. I repeat Trump Media, aka the Great Unknown.

      When Trump’s platform takes off, all the players will be in place. Everybody wants to be on Trump’s #TruthSocial. We’re witnessing the downfall of all MSM, including CNN with their latest acquisition.

  2. Extremely interesting. Burn down the house with “us” inside.Who is “us”? For Brian Williams, I think it is the strata of operatives who the Rulers depend on to run things – media tech, military, etc – guys probably with 7 or 8 figures of wealth. That is, the guys who cannot afford a bunker in New Zealand or Montana.

    As such, it MAY be more of a shot across the bow (the bow of the Rulers): we know what you MAY be planning – and we’re not going to sit still and let you take us down (with the sheep). You depend on us! – Remember that – we can fight back.

  3. He said something about darkness and the country being unrecognizable but that might mean whatever… I can not place that statement in a political frame whether left or right.

    Being a norwegian troll english is obviously not my first language, so please tell me if something passed me by here.

    • I knew nothing about him except he was a well known and famous news anchor that appears to be saying what we all knew. The age of freedom and individual liberty appears to be near dead.

      Subsequently I have learned that he was an odious left-wing operator of the dialectic. Lying to advance leftist politicians in horrifyingly obvious ways. I think he was involved in the Clinton, ‘landing under fire’ lie about some war or other the US was in or started.

      Yes, you can’t politically frame his statement. So we may see it one way and the left may see it another. But as Trump has been gone over a year now, it seems safe to say he is insinuating the threat is from the Biden admin and leftist agents of change, as conservatives are agents of not that kind of change.

  4. Speaking about the “darkness”, Mr Williams, you were a well know participant
    and supporter of in dimming the light. You are the Princess of Darkness, for your lack of frankness and lies. You have no shame!

    When truth becomes slander, the tyrant is at the gates or beyond.

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