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4 Replies to “Protecting yourself from (one of) the most Orwellian of companies”

  1. I run /e/ OS on my Teracube.

    Confirmed that it works, though the camera sometimes causes it to crash, which is an annoying bug that I hope is soon fixed.

    With some hassle (i.e., downloading APKs on another phone), I even managed to get banking apps and so on to work.

  2. FYI: the startpage search engine may be secure but it has a bias

    My husband, Dr. Bill Warner, is an expert on Political Islam and has run a website, http://www.politicalislam.com since 2009. For years, due to the massive amount of work he did, he owned the first 2-3 pages of a google search. In 20018, google, FB, youtube, etc. began to censor and shadow-ban him. Now, his site doesn’t show up until p.7 of a google search.

    I used startpage which Rob advised to do and found politicalislam.com shows up near the end of p.6. Most of the articles on pg. 1-5 are similar to google’s and are from lefty sites like the BBC, the Rand Corp., Financial Times, Georgetown, the Carnegie Endowment, the Atlantic. And many of the articles are by apologists for Islam. This is from a report on search engines: “Another private search engine, StartPage actually uses Google as part of its search results. This is a popular option for German users, though it’s available in the USA as well.”

    If you search Political Islam using duckduckgo, the first link and description on the first page is Bill’s website.

    • Yes my experience also with Startpage is that the results are basically the same as the hell-spawn, google. Duckduckgo gives results more or less like Google used to when it first appeared online. At that time, Google had done something magnificent. They had made the web practical, which it was not before them. Nothing could be easily found. Then it went full on evil.

      Yeah Duckduckgo is by far the best that I know of, of the popular engines, although there are some more obscure ones that are good as well. Use it with a VPN and your OK.

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