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7 Replies to “German pathology conference: Is Cancer turbo-charged after mRNA injections?”

  1. Please provide the link for the video above. Very important as a family member was just diagnosed after three vaccines.

  2. Devastated over Corona measures: Desperate German father kills his own family and himself

    Everyone’s heart misses a beat when they hear this news. A family of five is no more. In Senzig in König Wusterhausen, Brandenburg, a man killed first his wife, then his three children, and in the end himself. The suicide note of the vocational school teacher (40) is shocking. Because of a forged certificate: he was afraid of losing his children or having to go to prison. The decisive factor was the fact that he provided his wife with a forged “vaccination” certificate – and the case was discovered.

    • This is not the link. I need the link that discusses the higher incidence of breast cancer with the experimental mRNA vaccine.

    • “Everyone’s heart misses a beat when they hear this news.”

      Actually, left-fascists beat hard with excitement. They love it.

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