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4 Replies to “As we morph from Covid-communism into Climate-communism”

  1. Thanks Eeyore. Note the ERGENCY!

    Staying ahead of the curve means knowing this comes next. Probably by Spring. The plebes will be tired and worn from the Winter abuse and will be ripe for the next phase.

  2. Flash Traffic:
    Military sources:Iran’s Natanz reactor was subjected to an unprecedented military strike, “with the type of weapon used not being clearly understood”. The said reactor is now inoperable, with more than 100 workers killed and hundreds of injuries…
    3:53 PM · Dec 4, 2021

    05/12/21 12:50 UTC
    Iranian Air Defenses Natanz area lit up. Reactor said to be ‘taken out’, heavy casualties. Area villages being evacuated.

    Seeking conformation. I note the Iranians describe the site as ” a hardened Fuel Enrichment Plant (FEP) covering 100,000 square meters that is built 8 meters underground”. I have no information that there is a reactor co-located at the site.
    In a FEP, uranium hexaflouride gas is processed in Zipp gas centrifuge to produce low and highly enriched U235. The reactor claim may be dumbness, but the rags bomb program just took a good hit. The ante got upped.
    Checking for radiac reports and whatnot. More if it looks intetesting.

    • Military sources
      Which military? What language[s]?
      Confirmation is essential. We get reliable translations of relevant reports in real time.

      Regional “sources” pump out fake news like this constantly. Rumor-mongering is a sport.

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