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3 Replies to “Australian Doctor speaks to the facts on the ground in Australia now”

  1. Quick intell summary…
    Lithuanian forces moving into Poland, Uke’s shooting up Donbass, More Russian troops and equipment closing to the border, Blinkin tries to talk tough, NATO sec gen claims russia doesn’t need sphere of influence…Plenty of blunt words in the air.
    Surge launches from RuF and PRC launch sites, lots of stuff being lofted to orbit, RuF says they’re ready to splash US GPS constellation.

    We now return you to your previously scheduled communist global coup d’etat.

  2. A focus over the loss of civil liberties where Health Regulations have taken a tyrannical control

    Australian Doctor Robert Brennan from the Covid Medical Network Interview
    1 hour 3 minutes : November 26, 2021 : Interview by Maria Zeee

    Dr Robert Brennan was suspended for speaking out against the government’s narrative.
    Dr Brennan is now part of the Covid Medical Network and joins us to discuss an ethical, psychoanalytic and political philosophical perspective on the pandemic.

    See’s the system going to the “social credit” system as it becomes “the normal” so people forget the old life, and that stays in “perpetual emergency” because of so called “endangering threats”.

    Has a good perspective of just what is Covid, the problems of the data, death rates, the pcr tests, etc.. creating fears.

    Very concerned this fear is leading to some people taking advantage, using “precautionary for your safety” aspects that remove people’s choices that they should be making.

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