Communists and other confidence people taking away more rights: Links and news post 1, November 28, 2021

1. Communists protest against oil pipelines, pretending its for a small aboriginal tribe out west. Thousands of miles from Montreal. And other stories from Canada

2. Might be worth looking at the New Zealand emergency health powers. 

(Reading this one may think that the problem with levers of power like this has more to do with how the cause or justification is interpreted and for what real purpose, which in turn leads one to believe that these levers should not exist. This goes for emergency measures acts everywhere now, that supersede individual basic rights)

3. Australia imports 2 cases of the new scariant which are asymptomatic, but that won’t stop more totalitarian measures no doubt. Some questions: How do they know these guys have the new variant before they even get off the plane, and if they are asymptomatic?

Why are they importing them if they did know? Why not just send them back instead of locking down the entire continent again? Why can’t WE call it the Xi variant? Why must we accept a nomenclature that they just drop on us. None of this makes a great deal of sense.

4. Boris Johnson pulls the same scam using the Xi variant. ‘New measures announced cause of new Xi variant’. Canada of course has to do the same. Canada claims to stop flights from Southern African countries, but there is zero indicators that ANY africans are being stopped from walking in at Roxham Rd or any other illegal entry point.

5. German machine-gun armed Covid SS find covid rule breakers

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PJ Watson analyzes the Belgian PM’s announcement that we now have Covid 21


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