Dr. Stock on Ivermectin, Vitamin D and other supplements for Covid19 from the Texas Covid Summit November 21, 2021

I didn’t catch his name well in this video. But Dr. Stock (Sp?) did an excellent presentation on Ivermectin and proper testing of it on Covid patients, as well as an analysis of HOW various supplements work. His explanation of Vitamin D, (not a vitamin at all actually) was very interesting and informative. For the science and medicine minded, this is an excellent presentation but requires more focus than the others.

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  1. I was denied access when I tried to insert cleaned up transcript here (I have got medical background, although en is not my first language). I alway use VPN/TOR but it was more likely amount of text that run against anti- trolling/unsolicited ads script. How do I share the transcript for people here?

    • Make sure you remove any hidden code in the transcript. It shouldn’t be a length issue. But sometimes certain pro firewalls, or certain VPN IPs are blocked if they are being used by a bad actor to attack another site.

      But if this comment made it, then thats not it.

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      • Thanks for the tips Eeyore.
        I have tried to paste plain text here multiple times from various VPN ‘country locations’ and every time the website’s firewall is preventing the publishing of the comment. I may write it by hand, if this reply makes it.

  2. Dr Stock

    1. 200-400 mcg selenium a day, not only to make t4 hormone, T cells th1, th2 cells, proffilactically

    2. Zinc is useful in acute and long term setting 30-50% effective to prevent symptoms and viral shed
    50mg BID, ‘zinc taste latency test’: 2% zinc sulphate solution 5 mls (teaspoon) by mouth and count, how many seconds takes to taste something besides water, within 5s or less- then little benefit of supplementation, repeating testing 5 days. Hydroxychloroquine moves zinc into cells. If pt has acute symptoms and not been on zinc: 400mg BID acutely, then 200mg BID afterwards for 5-7 days until symptoms are less pronounced.
    Iodine. When body gets inflamed, the body tries to turn you into state of hypothyroidism (tissue thyroid resistance) so the intracellular pathogens like viruses and bacteria cannot use your body’s machinery to reproduce. Your immune cells can make enough of thyroid hormone as long as they have adequate iodine so they do not slow their metabolism down. Thyroid gland is iodine hog. One has to have adequate doses of selenium and zinc before supplementation of iodine or high doses of iodine can cause thyroid gland injury.

  3. 6.25mg iodine/iodide combination- prophylaxis
    Iron. Ferritin level, inflammation itself drives ferritin up, iron deficiency drives ferritin down.
    Soluble transferrin receptor test, divide it by the log to the base of 10 ferritin you get something called Iron Index, best single test to predict low or good iron in bone marrow, predicts well what happens when people get iron. Iron is best taken on empty stomach EOD.
    Transferrin saturation test 35% or higher tells you that your are not gonna benefit from iron.
    Iron is an acute treatment.
    Acute treatment: inhaled steroids, oral steroids. Steroids were better when used early, 50-70% effective.
    Nutraceutical is a slow moving therapy.

    3. Ivermectin early and late, it changes inflammatory overt response in c19 , within 36hrs symptoms are down by 50%.
    What kills you in c19 is uncoordinated inflammatory response that tells every cell to go cell danger response, that quits doing its job right.
    Twice a week for the first week, then weekly 100% effective at preventing symptomatic c19. 24-48mg.

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