Divided we fall, and heart attacks in children the new normal: Links 1, November 25, 2021

1. Over 100 children under 12 years old got a double dose of the mRNA goo

(At least they aren’t sending the bill for the extra dose to the parents. Just the cost of what happens as a result.)

2. Heart attacks in 5 to 11 year olds, the new normal?

3. In the true spirit of Nazi Christmas, the famed German Christmas market for vaccinated only.

4. From Alex Berenson’s Substack:

The WHO says it’s time to discuss mandatory Covid vaccinations
I say it’s time to discuss mostly peaceful protests

5. UK School Asks Pupils to Wear ‘Yellow Badge’ to Show They Are Mask-Exempt

A parenting campaign group has criticised the “deeply inappropriate” request from a school for pupils to wear a “yellow badge” to show they are exempt from wearing a mask, with many making a comparison to the yellow stars forced upon Jewish people in Nazi-occupied Europe.

Allison Pearson from The Telegraph had circulated last week excerpts of an email from the headmaster of Farringtons School in Chiselhurst, Kent, advising parents that children who are exempt from wearing a mask in school should wear a “yellow badge” to identify themselves. The email prompted the journalist to ask “does the school have teachers who know their history?” as well as dozens of responses to the tweet with members of the public seeing the comparison to the forcing of Jewish people wearing stars in Nazi-occupied Europe so they could be identified and singled out for discrimination.

In a follow-up investigation by the newspaper on Tuesday, the contents of the email from the boarding school — which with fees up to £34,050, one would assume likely employs some of the more capable teachers in the country — confirmed that the school was enforcing a mask policy and that those who are exempt from covering their faces “should wear a yellow badge to indicate this”.

(See the thing is, one can tell who is exempt from wearing a Gessler Hat (mask) because they are walking and sitting around not wearing a mask. So any further identification is clearly punitive and nothing else. Making the unvaxxed wear one of course isn’t necessary because they won’t let the unvaxxed go anywhere. So there’s that.)

6. Anti vax mandate rally in Fredricton NB Canada

Go right to 2:32 on this one. The first two clips are awful examples of how irrational and unscientific politics has divided us against each other. Its truly horrifying. Dystopian. But the 3rd clip at 2:32 is a magical example of just how f***ing stupid this all is.



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One Reply to “Divided we fall, and heart attacks in children the new normal: Links 1, November 25, 2021”

  1. After watching the clip of the coronazi’s sperging at the maskless woman, I thought of the perfect counter. I just returned from a maskless sortie from the shops, and this works like voodoo.
    Take a fauci jockstrap (mask)
    Rip the elastic off another mask, and tie the earloops together, forming a brassard.
    With a black heavy marker, ink on a big black swastika, and a ‘maskhole’ or ‘vaxxhole’ notation.
    When the coronazi begins flatulating about masks, hand them the New Party Armband, and explain that you cannot understand what they are saying until they wear the Armband.
    It’s my rule, which is just as valid as the cornazi’s oral diarrhea.
    One roastie was gasping like a beached suckerfish. Another Himmler was invited out side to settle thing once and for all.
    The kids behind the shop counter had a good laugh, and I left the Himmler twisting, and the karen roastie outside in the rain, screeching at the 911 operator.
    All in all, I am going to enjoy this rather too much.
    I am going to see if I can order some authentic party armbands from Japan, where this stuff is just a costume, and they make lots of ’em.
    Be prepared and able to defend yourself. Some of these covidiots are quick to violence.
    Happy hunting!

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