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5 Replies to “Tucker Carlson interviews Kyle Rittenhouse”

  1. Many times Thank You.

    Kyle Rittenhouse is more impressive than I thought. And the calmness he displays is exceptional in view of what he went through on that fateful day. I’ll never forget how he remained focused when he was attacked from every which way while on the ground. He could have shot at everybody but he didn’t.

    May all these MSM lynch mobs pay out of their nose for what they did to him and may their reputation never recover.

    My gut feeling is there will be a movie in the works, he’ll become a lawyer, a very wealthy young man, and well deserved.

  2. When I first heard Tucker Carlson was doing this interview, I didn’t feel good about it. I thought it smacked of exploiting a young man who had just been through hell. But I was so wrong. I am glad that Kyle got to speak his truth in such a setting. I was impressed at his composure, strength and his ability to express himself so simply, clearly and innocently. It drove that “other” news network quite mad, like hot coals on their heads. One of their ilk interviewed Kyle’s lawyer, and the whole time tried to get the lawyer to denounce Tucker Carlson as someone who was linked to hate groups, alt-right and white supremacy, and tried to get the lawyer to say he was uncomfortable with Kyle being associated with such a person and his program. But the lawyer didn’t take that bait. The lawyer spoke straight and wouldn’t “go there” as his smarmy interviewer’s words tried to draw him into his slimy virtue-signaling socialist web. But it didn’t materialize. This young man Kyle is a blessing and Carlson showed that to the world, and I am grateful.

    We have a right to protect ourselves and our communities. Notice the different spin on this article when people with weapons protected their property …


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