Another historical comparison between today, and Nazi Germany

More and more people, including many Holocaust survivors, and children of survivors, have come forward to speak of how things today are quite far along the path of the Nazi death camps.

This is a comparison from an academic point of view, rather than an experiential one. But is well worth the time to watch.

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  1. A mass line, he says.

    What is the difference between a mass line and a disease of society? Not much. And I mean a disease in the traditional sense of a person becoming sick, but then extending this to many people, and their minds.

    Before the disease strikes it is considered improbable, theoretical, and unlikely. It’s something on the books, so to speak. –Something relegated to history but not to the now. Then, even after it strikes it is not diagnosed by the majority for the sickness that it is. We must consider, too, that the carriers of this illness named fascism (or pick any of the collectivist brands that rings your bell) consider it to be their remedy for something else, which is their own lack of power. They specifically need more power because there is something seriously lacking in them.

    How high is sky? What I mean is through how much air must we look before the air becomes sky? Exactly how high? Where does the blue begin?

    Through how much blue must we peer before it is atmospheric? How many feet or miles? Are we shocked when, despite all our rhetoric, our air turned blue twenty-thousand feet back, and we have been in atmosphere from the very start? Are we shocked only AFTER tyrants take control?

    Our own lying eyes and all that normalcy-bias jazz. If you’re very used to your comforts, if you’re soft, you’ll fall for it all easier than if you’ve had to live more by your wits, I think. Maybe this explains why I see so many willfully blind civil servants. A little discomfort, or even having a prickly person around, helps. Some people “shed” objectivity, to steal a term.

    A friend of mine thinks the culprit is television, but I think the truth is more outside that box. The dramatic inability to register lucid reality because you are hypnotized by television does not help to explain Nazi Germany. Mass hypnosis, or mass line thinking is (are) re-emerging after 70 years of the very peace and prosperity that quietly financed the gestation of this disease. In this case, at least, it is an opportunistic virus that has flared up while society was on proverbial holiday–when the livin’ was easy. It’s always there but doesn’t have the conditions to emerge because older people recognized it and beat it down. It is brutal in its character, so requires viscious brutality to be defeated. The condition is cyclical. This cycle has lasted 70 years.

    We were fed peace and prosperity by the fractional reserve banking system, fed the pablum of every easy vice by Keynes and his acolytes, and lost sight that power zombies were so hungry for our heads that eventually they would get within striking distance.

    Also, it is a quickly-waning possibility that our Orbans and Bibis have been protecting us from an even greater threat under the “pandemic” response. –That the mass vaccinations are secret preparation for a worse pathogen yet to come, one so bad that we cannot be told because of the ensuing mass hysteria. No, it is costing too much to buy into this idea any longer, if anyone ever did at all.

    The demographic homogeneity that was both sword and shield to the old Naziism is almost gone. The internet and multicultural policies have ensured this goose is cooked. Note, however, the relative homogeneity of Australia, Austria, Sweden, Hungary and Israel. Note, too, the relative homogeneity of still-strong Poland? Sword and shield vestiges.

    How high is your sky?

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